Tuesday Tips: 10 Tricks to Play on Your Mind

Drawing by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips: 10 Tricks to Play on Your Mind

Drawing by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips is a weekly collection of ideas that make me feel better about being alive. There are things to do, thoughts to think, emotions to feel and people to be. Whatever you believe is true, and these tips are designed to help convince your mind what your soul already knows.


1. Watch Rainbow Brite and love being alive.

"Everybody's got a part to play to start each day in a beautiful way."

2. Bulk delete photos from your iPhone!
Speed up your lifestreaming and help your phone run faster by trashing all your saved pix. No more importing to iPhoto necessary!

3. Don't care about what anyone else thinks.
Whenever I find myself feeling bad around other people, I ask myself if it's because I'm caring about what they think. Usually it's a yes.

4. Rewrite your About page.
Define who you want to be and it's a lot easier to get what you want. Check out the School of Life Design Lesson 1: Introduction to Life Design if you want help getting started.


5. Don't feel scared.
Bashar says, "The only thing any of you will ever discover in the unknown is more of you, so what's to fear?" The Now can feel scary, like an emergency, because often the only time we allow ourselves to experience the Now is during an emergency.

6. Practice the feeling of how you would feel when you weigh what you want.
Do you have some weightloss goal? Why? What is the reason you want to lose weight? Usually it's because you want to feel light, flexible, free, playful, or confident. Practice feeling those feelings now and your weight will reflect that. Be it, see it!


7. Pretend you're waking up in someone else's body.
"Being in the Now" is a mysterious topic, but every day I find new ways to do it. One trick is to look around as if inhabiting your body for the first time. It's alien as hell!

8. Be home, so the things you want can find you.
Another Bashar gem: "If you're not living in the present by being who you are, then how can anything that is representative of the vibrations of the things you prefer find you if you're not home?"

9. Trust the Now.
Trust that it's perfect, that it's what you wanted, and that it contains exactly what you need. This moment is a gift, handcrafted specifically for you. Don't take it for granted.

10. Savor.
The best Twitter advice I read all week was "Savor whatever is in your Now Moment, and you will experience the Flow State." If I remind myself in each moment to look for something to savor, I find so much that it's overwhelming. So many of us fear the Now because if we were to all sit around appreciating the beauty of life all day, we'd pretty much all be crying tears of joy and hugging each other. It's scary to feel such strong love for life, because what happens when the moment is gone? If you're afraid to savor because it'll hurt when it's over, just remember that the next moment will be even better.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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