Today I am a cartoon character with #gratitude

Today I am a cartoon character with #gratitude

So grateful to be awake and alive and directing my thoughts. So grateful for the best birthday of my life! So grateful for a full night of sleep! So grateful for all my friends and family who wished me a happy birthday. So grateful today is Michael's birthday, yay! So grateful we get to bike. So grateful we have a job that we love.

So grateful to be breathing deeply. So grateful for Linty chillin on my lap. So grateful for the beautiful weather. So grateful for Kelly. So grateful to be a person. So grateful to get to have fun all day every day. So grateful for new perspectives. SO grateful I got to talk to Kerri last night! So grateful I got to go to happy hour with Michael!

So grateful to be learning how to say yes and savor. So grateful for inspiring videos on youtube. So grateful it's all adding up. So grateful to feel focused and excited. So grateful to feel loved. So grateful to feel focused. So grateful for this perfect day!

I want today to feel like I'm a Rainbow Brite and I'm on an adventure. I want today to feel like a cartoon. I want today to feel like riding a bike. I want today to feel fun like a magical trip to candyland.

Dear Jessica,
Relax, and allow. Relax, and allow. Everything you want already exists, and it's right in front of you. Just relax, and allow. Know that it is your birthright to feel good. Know that you are loved. Know that you are safe, and perfect. No two days are the same, so just relax and let this one unfold in it's own way. You don't have to DO anything. Just relax, and allow. Breathe deeply, smile, and have fun!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.