Damn good night #gratitude

Damn good night #gratitude

Grateful it's all up to me. Grateful to pick what I wanted and get it, instantly. Grateful to publish a new podcast! Grateful I can record podcasts on my phone! Grateful to be sober. Grateful to get to do whatever I want. Grateful to go to an amazing show with all my exquisite friends. Grateful to know everyone so much better now.

Grateful for people who put themselves out there. Grateful for people who are open to me. Grateful for conversations about stardom and the now. Grateful to be welcomed home with a hot shower. So grateful Kelly drove! So grateful to be so cared for. So grateful to be married to the woman of my dreams.

Grateful to spend time with new people. Grateful to be invited to sell astrojax at a show! Grateful to make sales! Grateful the AJ word is spreading. Grateful to be so good at AJ. Grateful to meet people named AJ who are good at playing AJ.

Grateful to get to dance. Grateful to make money. Grateful for a surreptitious birthday party! Grateful it came without lifting a finger.

Grateful for clarity and knowing. Grateful to be getting better at this every day. Grateful to let it unfold. Grateful I get to do whatever I want. Grateful I always get exactly what I want.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.