A few of my favorite things in fancy photo form

A few of my favorite things in fancy photo…

My favorite beads
So grateful to remember that I have boxes of treasure. So grateful for mystical supplies at my disposal. So grateful to have a collection of jewels that hold more power than all the king's men.

Teeth necklace!
So grateful to remember old obsessions and wake them up. So grateful for my tooth collection (and subsequent necklaces). So grateful to remember what I love about jewelry. So grateful to remember the power in jewelry.

So grateful for the feeling I get from a box of embroidery floss. So grateful for the feeling of love I associate with making friendship bracelets in 6th grade while listening to B96.

Pin Cushion
So grateful to know how to sew, and so grateful my wife knows how to cut.

hoop maker
So grateful my wife has such good craftsmanship.

hula hoop projection screens
So grateful for hula hoop projection screen flow toys, the coolest VJ accessory in the world.

So grateful for Linty chilling in my lap, and elsewhere. So grateful to have time to feel gratitude for my perfect pets. So grateful to have perfect pets. So grateful to have pets at all. So grateful to feel so loved by them. So grateful for unconditional love.

Grateful for the conversations I had tonight. Grateful to be getting a king size bed for my birthday! Grateful the major manifestations happen all day every day. Grateful for constant solutions. Grateful to feel like I have deeper friendships now. Grateful to go out. Grateful to party. Grateful I can jump from topic to topic and it doesn't matter because the feeling I feel is the same.

Grateful to be writing. Grateful to know it's all up to me. Grateful to know what I know. Grateful to spend so much time living in the Now. Grateful to be who I am. Grateful to be happy. Grateful to be satisfied. Grateful to feel relief. Grateful to feel relaxed. Grateful to let go.

Grateful to know when to stop trying. Grateful to let it come to me. Grateful for this Now. Grateful the fun keeps going. Grateful there's more every night. Grateful I have only myself to rely on for good feelings. Grateful I know that. Grateful to know it's all within my power.

Grateful to think about what I want. Grateful to be creating. Grateful it works every time, to focus my thoughts.

I want to feel energized and rested. I want the flow to carry me. I want to be in the Now and take everyone with me. It's so much fun here.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.