Relax and allow with #gratitude

Relax and allow with #gratitude

Grateful to not care about what anyone thinks. Grateful it feels exciting to be bold and be ME. Grateful to feel like going crazy. Grateful to feel like I'm going to burst if I don't let this out. Grateful to be a beautiful, perfect, brilliant creator. Grateful for Nike shirts with Hot Topic skirts. Grateful I know everything is adding up. Grateful for good music.

Grateful I am bold and willing to put myself "out there". Grateful to not care about what anyone thinks. Grateful to bring myself to tears each time I write because I'm so relieved to feel good. Grateful I know everything is working out for me. Grateful I know I'm already perfect. Grateful to take risks.

Grateful to let it come to me. Grateful to know it's all coming. Grateful to know I already have what I want. How would I feel if I was already a millionaire? What would I do? I'd be doing exactly this. I'm already a millionaire.

Grateful to have made $3000 this morning. Grateful for the power of my focus. Grateful I can have anything from my imagination. Grateful to be who I am. Grateful to be doing this. Grateful to be prolific. Grateful to trust that what I'm doing is the right path. Grateful for fun projects.

Grateful I can choose how I want to feel and that's how I feel. Grateful I feel energized, refreshed and MEGA EXCITED for this day. Grateful to keep writing. Grateful to keep letting the flow out. Grateful to be here. Grateful to be me. Grateful to be in this Now.

Dear Jessica,
Relax. What do you want? Feel that way now. Crazy, playful, wild. The life of the party, the life of life! Be who you are, be what comes naturally to you! Be the fun you know you are! Relax into this Now. Relax into this now. Don't worry about the things you have to do later, or the things you wished you already did today. Relax. It doesn't matter. It's already taken care of. It will resolve itself.

Relax and allow. Relax and allow. Relax and allow.

You are already perfect. You are already wide awake and conscious. You are already the perfect being you came here to be. Your life is already perfect. You already have everything you want. You have a warm, clean, minimal home that you share with your creative, inspiring, stable, beautiful wife. You have two perfect kitties who add endless joy to your days. You are perfectly healthy, able-bodied and in a great shape. Your clothes fit you perfectly, though some are a little too big! You have a beautiful smile. You do the work every single day. You take care of your mood like you brush your teeth. You keep your vibration clean and you are always improving.

You have a family who loves you. You have a job that inspires you and uplifts you. You live in your favorite US city. You have 80 degree days in early March. Your birthday is in a week! You have a website that inspires thousands of people every day. Word about your work spreads effortlessly. You help so many people. You inspire from within. You lead by your brilliant example.

You are so beautiful, and so tirelessly creative and positive. You couldn't stop yourself from seeing the silver lining if you tried. You naturally see the good in life. You naturally see beauty. Of course you do, because you are good and beautiful yourself.

Jessica, you are so loved. You are so cared for. Don't worry so much! Don't worry about the one thing that's annoying you. Don't think about all the shit in the future. There is no such thing as the future. There is only now. Look around you at all the wonderful ideas and images hanging from your walls. Look at how far you've come. How much you know.

Jessica, just relax. Just enjoy this moment. Just let yourself feel good. Let yourself enjoy this moment. There is nothing stressful about this moment. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to worry about. Just relax. Just allow yourself to feel good. Allow yourself to feel good even though there are like 2 tiny things you wish were different. Focus on all the things that feel good!

You are already perfect. You are already the boss. You are already the center of the universe. This is all here for you. Look at your exquisite reality loving itself! Look at the people smiling and kissing and hugging and loving! Look at everyone who is so happy to be alive! Look at the relief you see reflected on everyone's faces when you yourself choose to feel relief! They're all just you! Give them the gift of relief by feeling relief yourself! It's the only way.

I love you. You are cared for. I promise you, this is the best day of your life. This is the beginning of something so exciting you would barf if you knew what it was. Everything you want is already yours. You are loved. You are light. You are free. You are playful! You are an angel, a goddess, love in human form. You are here to lead with your light. You are here to shine. You are here to have fun! Go find the fun! It's everywhere!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.