Good night #gratitude

Good night #gratitude

"Questions shall now be answered with a high degree of optimism. The security of your presence takes away the feeling of anxiety. The vision that grows in your thoughts will soon mature into reality. The danger that prevails should be diluted by the strength that lies within." ~ Lyrics to "The Strength Within" by Presence

Grateful for this Now. Grateful to release awareness of time. Grateful for good music. Grateful I can breathe. Grateful to remember I am the source of time. Grateful it's MONDAY!!! I love Monday.

Grateful I got to cook tonight. Grateful to count. Grateful we meditated. Grateful meditation makes every day better. Grateful meditation makes time. Grateful for so many manifestations. Grateful we worked on a project during dinner. Grateful to be who I am. Grateful to feel like my moment. Grateful to feel the feelings I want to feel. Grateful to make the choice to feel good. Grateful I was inspired to write an article today!

Grateful to feel refreshed and energized. Grateful to feel together and organized. Grateful to have an article written to publish in the morning. Grateful to feel good! Grateful to go to bed feeling good. Grateful for my wife. Grateful to have organized all my ideas. Grateful for so many Tuesday Tips pouring through! Grateful for inspiration. Grateful to be directing my thoughts.

Grateful to know I can have it all. Grateful to know I already have it all. Grateful to know life is good. Grateful to feel the flow. Grateful to keep practicing. Grateful it gets easier every day. Grateful every day is more fun.

Dear Jessica,
Relax. Remember to enjoy the moment. Remember that there is only now, and nothing exists outside of this moment. Remember that you are already perfect, and there is nothing you need to change. Remember that everything you want is coming, and there is nothing you can do to make it come faster. Remember that this moment, right now, is what you wanted. Remember that this moment is a gift from your Self.

You are doing so great. You are a master of thought direction. Your reality is exactly the way you want it. It is unfolding perfectly.

Release your awareness of things you have to do tomorrow, the next day, or in a month. Release your awareness of money, of time, and of weight. Remember the feelings you want to feel. Remember that you already are confident. You already are the boss. You already are god. You are perfect. You can relax and enjoy this moment.

Allow yourself to enjoy this moment. Allow yourself to feel the best you've ever felt, right now. Allow yourself to release your awareness of things you don't want. Allow yourself to feel good. Allow yourself to let it unfold. Allow this day to be perfect. Allow yourself to feel relief. Allow yourself to feel amazing.

Allow yourself to remember that things happen for a reason. Remember that everything is a solution. Remember that it's ok to let people in. It's ok to ask for help. It's ok to receive gifts from others. It's ok to open up. It's ok to trust other people. It's ok to trust yourself.

It's ok to feel the way you do. It's ok to stop thinking. It's ok to let go of anything that might be bothering you.

Remember that you are confident. You are bold and courageous. You are fearless. You are uplifting and creative and bright. You are light and playful and free. You are so much fun. Remember how fun you are. And remember how loved you are. Remember that this life is just a game, and you can be or do or have anything you want. Relax and allow the mystery to unfold. Enjoy each moment so much that you don't care about the next unfolding.

Relax. Enjoy. Know that this is all for you. You get to enjoy it. Smile. And open up your heart to the possibilities of love. Let us in. Let the flow out. Relax. It's all here for you. Smile. Breathe. Enjoy!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.