Month: March 2012

Gathering Momentum

Just keep letting go, it gets so much easier…

Grateful to be here in the Now. Grateful to not care. Grateful to have fruit salad! Grateful to know everything is adding up. Grateful I can just say fuck it, I don't care. Grateful to have such an easy way to release thought. Grateful for focus. Grateful for friends. Grateful to know how to cook. Grateful to be the best.

Grateful to know I can have the best day of my life without planning or caring. Grateful for Nicki Minaj. Grateful for fruit for lunch! And smoothies for breakfast! Grateful it's summer! Grateful I can just say I DON'T CARE and everything works out and I get everything I want! It feels hard until it feels so easy, it almost feels like cheating! IT'S SO EASY TO NOT CARE!

Grateful for coffee and fruit and to get to do whatever I want all day every day. Grateful for freedom. Grateful I can breathe. Grateful I don't have to CARE! Grateful everything is working out. Grateful grateful grateful grateful to be alive. To get to be a person experiencing. To get to be alive. And to let go of all emotional attachment by NOT CARING.

I have reached equilibrium. I have reached peace. I have reached ease and flow. I have arrived. I am here. I am the best. I am doing everything right. I'm in the right place at the right time. I am so calm. I am so in the flow. I am so at ease. I know exactly what to do. I know where I'm going. I know that everything is perfect. I know that I am good. I know that I am loved. I know that it gets easier every day. Every day is a carnival! It gives me goosebumps! It really can be an endless ride in the flow, it's SUPPOSED TO BE! You can just let go of all the bullshit and RIDE!


Isn't that cool?

Dear Jessica,
Bask in this feeling of ease and flow. Bask in the feeling of being non-judgmental. Bask in your health, in your perfect timing, in your perfect life. Bask in how easy it all is when you let it. Bask in how good you feel. Bask in how fun this is. Bask in how effortless it is when you let it be. Bask in the flow. Bask in your knowing. Bask in the knowledge that you created this reality. You made this happen. You created this. You asked, and received. It's all for you. And you made this.

You made this moment as a gift to yourself. Look around, notice how everything is perfect! Look at the perfect timing! Look at the perfect flow! You see the patterns! You live the patterns! You are all the patterns! You are so perfect! You are so loved! You are here! YOU ARE HERE! You made it! You're here! Thank you for being here! Thank you for saying yes! Thank you for taking the ride! Thank you for loving your Self! Your Self loves you so much!

Just relax and keep letting go, as much as you can, every moment you can. There is no reason to hold on. You are cared for. You are loved. Don't be scared. You don't have to work. You don't have to take action. Just let go and let it happen. Let it happen. Let it happen. Let it happen. Let yourself live what you came to live. Let yourself have fun!!

Gathering Momentum


Grateful for this now. Grateful I don't care. Grateful I can just live and stop thinking so much. Grateful I got to play with my kitties. Grateful it's all adding up. Grateful we get to chill with our friends tonight! Grateful we get to bike again! Grateful life is easy. Grateful to not care. Grateful to be me. Grateful I can determine my reality in an instant and then it is true.

I don't care because everything is fucking AWESOME.

Gathering Momentum

Good morning #gratitude

Grateful to be awake and alive and on a new wave. Grateful to be me. Grateful to not care about anything but the now. Grateful Kelly took the garbage out and is doing the laundry! Grateful for my perfect home. Grateful for my perfect wife. Grateful to choose to feel good.

Grateful for my health. Grateful to be on a new wave. Grateful for amazing feedback on my site. Grateful for new ideas. Grateful for this trip. Grateful for tools to use. Grateful it's a $10,000 day. Grateful it's the weekend. Grateful to keep the momentum going.

I want this day to feel like having my shit together. I want this day to feel like everything is adding up. I want this day to feel like pieces clicking into place. Like clarity and saying yes and doing the work. Like choosing to feel good no matter what. Like tripping. Like seeing the bigger picture. Like letting go. Like letting the flow lead me to the next level.