Tuesday Tips: 13 Habits of an Energy Superconductor


Tuesday Tips: 13 Habits of an Energy Superconductor

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, the most fabulous collection of conscious ideas in all of Internetlandia. I have a stellar lineup of thoughts to provoke, inspire and move you to the next level. Align your actions, thoughts, emotions and being with the vibration of your true Self and enjoy the current of ecstatic energy flowing through you!


1. Collect every compliment you receive on the work that matters to you most.
I started printing out the positive feedback I get on my lifestream and taping it to my desk, right at eye level. The more I allow myself to accept compliments, the more I receive. It's becoming easy to visualize my whole work area covered in kind words! Every day it gets easier to have faith in my work. I am so grateful for the support. Thank you.

2. Check out the School of Life Design Facebook group.
With 117 dazzling members, the SoLD group is bustling with love, advice, and fun! Get feedback on your web presence, discuss the place of drugs in your life, ask questions about specific problems, or just sit back and let the positive vibrations soak in.

3. Give your work away for free!
Then when you need something for free, you'll get it! I always label my photos on Flickr as "Attribution Creative Commons" on my licensing preference page so anyone can use them. Now my photos are used all the time to illustrate various articles and blogs around the web. I not only get to see my photos actually IN USE, but I get tons of traffic from them too.

4. Make money off your music, movie and iPhone app recommendations.
I signed up with Linkshare to become an Apple affiliate. With Linkshare, I can generate links to apps, music, movies and more through the iTunes store, and every time someone makes a purchase using my link, I get a 5% cut. You can also generate links for other products and advertisers. Passive income FTW!


5. Focus your attention with lifestreaming.
Guide your life experience by publishing your photos, videos, music, writing, everything! Your attention is a constantly flowing stream of creative power. Lifestreaming is a way to consciously direct that power. It doesn't matter one bit what you're focusing on, all that matters is how you feel when you're doing it. If you're focusing your attention on negative thoughts, you're creating more negative thoughts for your future self to deal with. If you're focusing your attention on all the great things going on around you (even if they seem boring because you take them for granted), at LEAST you're creating more great things to go on around you in the future!

6. Focus your attention with writing.
Writing is a particularly powerful form of lifestreaming, especially at night when you're tired and losing focus. Just write. The more you practice, especially when you're not tired, the faster and easier it becomes to get your focus back. It's like a cure for insomnia and every other disorder in the world. Just direct your thoughts. Just smile, breathe, relax your shoulders and write about what you're grateful for. If you're in the habit of feeling good when you write, eventually the association becomes stronger and you start feeling good faster. (Want to start your lifestream today?!)

7. Write your job description.
You can have any job you want. But do you know what you want? Start creating the position of your dreams by filling out the following: Company, Location, Field, Job Functions, Job Level, Job Description, Specific Skills, and Rate.

8. Write your commandments.
Make up your own rules to life. Write your personal commandments, your creative commandments, and your relationship commandments.


9. Stop feeling guilty about buying media and not consuming all of it.
When you buy books, movies or music, don't feel bad if you don't read, watch or listen to the whole thing. You'll still get whatever you need out of it—perhaps an idea, a new direction, or a pivot thought. It only takes a single moment to become inspired!

10. Take a placebo trip.
Practice the feeling of enlightenment. Block off 8-12 hours where you don't have any responsibilities, your phone is in airplane mode, and you're extremely comfortable. Consume something symbolic—a vitamin, a special brew of tea, or even a sugar cube. Then sit down and wait patiently for 30-45 minutes, looking for signs of altered consciousness. You will amaze yourself.

11. Feel better instantly with silent counting.
I've talked about it many times before, and I bring it up again because it always works. If you feel trapped in a negative thought pattern, just start counting in your head. Focus all of your attention on the numbers. You'll feel better long before reaching 100.


12. Meditate every day.
Meditation is how I manage anxiety and racing thoughts. Even if I keep thinking during it, my thoughts still slow and 15 minutes of stillness always gives me a new perspective. It stops me from feeling rushed and always gives me more time. If you don't feel like doing it one day, try doing it lying down in bed. 15 minutes of quiet a day is a small price to pay for peace in the rest of your life.

13. Be open and have faith.
The flow is always trying to get through. Just say yes to whatever your current reality is. Just say yes. Be open to the gifts the universe is trying to give you. It won't come in a form you expect! You'll be feeling bad, and you won't want anything to do with the opportunity just presented. Maybe your friend will ask you to do something, or your partner will suggest going somewhere. Say yes! That's the flow trying to give you a gift, trying to help you feel better! Trust that whatever just showed up, showed up at the perfect time, just when you needed it.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    ohhh, the placebo trip idea is amazing! must try that! also, collecting the compliments you get is a lovely idea – it’s so easy to forget about the good stuff and remember the negative.

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