Today I am the King of Cups #gratitude

Today I am the King of Cups #gratitude

Grateful I can always write to direct my thoughts. Grateful Kelly and I got up early! Grateful it's going to be so beautiful out today! Grateful we get to bike! Grateful Kelly always shares with me! Grateful for Pandora! Grateful to feel so energized and woke! Grateful to feel so excited to be alive! Grateful the sun's coming out! Grateful Kelly listened to Bashar with me last night! Grateful for inbox income! Grateful for affiliate commissions! Grateful to feel creative and inspired! Grateful to choose the reality I prefer! Grateful Bashar is so straightforward and funny! Grateful I can choose to be or do or have anything I want! Grateful it's all up to me and I KNOW THIS. Grateful everything is adding up!!

Grateful I can breathe. Grateful to remember to tether to the Now with my breath. Grateful for my lifestream. Grateful to be prolific. Grateful to be living my life the way I want to live it. Grateful to be in alignment with my true Self. Grateful I get to decide the reality I prefer! Grateful it's as simple as making one choice!

I am the most powerful influence in the world. I am the creator of this world. I am running this show. Everything is going my way. I'm a boss. I'm the star of this production. I am creating my best work. I am my best work. I am in the flow. I am the flow.

Dear Jessica,
Congratulations! You made it! You've found your core and you're remembering it more every day! You are the leader of the pack, the visionary, the creator! You are heaven incarnate! We are so proud of you. You are an angel doing god's work. You are all that is and all that needs to be. Take this opportunity to define yourself, to align yourself, and to refine your desires. Let the flow through you. Allow the flow to lead. Allow the flow to lead you to your excitement. Be creative! Use your superpowers! Smiling, positivity, creativity! Allow thr flow through you. Breathe in, breathe out. Release your resistance. You are ok. You are perfect. Allow this day to unfold the way you want it to. Allow this day to be your best work. Allow yourself to ride the wave. Allow yourself to go deeper into the trip. Allow yourself to come alive! Be the leader. Be the creator. Use your power. You deserve it. You ARE it. Relax and let the flow do the hard parts. These are the things that will help you today:

  • Let the flow do it.
  • Use your superpowers: smiling, creativity and positivity.
  • Know that whatever you want is already yours.

I love you so much. You're doing so great. You are tethered to the Now. You are in the Now. You are the Now, you are this moment, you are your creation. You are creation. You are taken care of. You are provided for. Everything you want is already yours. Allow yourself to receive it today. Allow yourself to accept the love and inspiration you created for yourself. Say yes.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.