Be open and have faith that you are taken care of #gratitude

Be open and have faith that you are taken…

So grateful to be home. So grateful for my friends. So grateful for a vibrationally epic Sunday. SO grateful to remember the point of life is to have fun. So grateful I have so many tools at my disposal for feeling good. So grateful for my car. So grateful for a Sunday spent feeling good. SO grateful I KNOW I'll go to bed feeling good.

So grateful it's getting easier to notice drops in vibration. So grateful I'm able to catch myself before crashing. So grateful to feel like an airplane riding the currents. So grateful to go higher each time I dip. SO grateful I've been able to associate breathing with feeling good! So grateful I have counting for when I can't stop thinking! So grateful I have lifestreaming! So grateful taking photos helps me stop thinking. So grateful to be a big deal. So grateful to be who I am.

So grateful for the abundance in my life. So grateful for my breath. So grateful for my new breath exercise that helps me feel so good!

So grateful for the feeling I caught today of being truly, eternally cared for. So grateful that feeling is getting easier to access. So grateful to have vibrational bookmarks to pivot me to the Now. So grateful I'm realizing that I must find new good thoughts every day, and that's the joy of being alive. So grateful to always be looking ahead. So grateful to know how to feel good!

So grateful to be in this Now. So grateful to be breathing. So grateful I have a list of thoughts that feel good. Want to hear them?!

  • Be open and have faith.
  • Focus your attention with lifestreaming!
  • Focusing on your breath is an instant way to feel good no matter what's going on.
  • If you feel trapped in negative thoughts, silent counting always works!
  • Tarot readings are an excellent way to view your vibration.
  • I'm a big deal! Yay!
  • I project a vibration of love, confidence and inspiration.

Breathe in and raise your vibration! Breathe out and release resistance. Breathe in and know your perfection! Breathe out and bask in this moment. Breathe in and be taken care of. Breathe out and let yourself be taken care of. Breathe in and associate feeling good with breathing! Breathe out and associate feeling good with breathing. You always have your breath. Tether to the Now with your breath.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.