Good morning! #gratitude

Good morning! #gratitude

Grateful to be awake and alive. Grateful to be directing my thoughts. Grateful for engagement on my simplest work. Grateful to be aware of cycles. Grateful for plenty of sleep. Grateful for everyone I know online. Grateful for my warm comfortable home. Grateful for my perfect city. Grateful for the power of focus. Grateful for Kelly. Grateful for modern conveniences. Grateful for my healthy happy kitties. Grateful for movies with Natalie Portman. Grateful everything is adding up. Grateful for my family. Grateful for my friends.

I appreciate the ease of saturday. I appreciate Kelly. I appreciate my health. I appreciate the moon in Pisces. I appreciate reminders to focus. I appreciate starting in on a new cycle. I appreciate all of my creations.

I want today to feel like I have my shit together. I want today to feel like having a perfect body. I want today to feel like inspiration. I want today to feel like "but of course." I want today to feel like Halloween. I want today to feel like control. I want today to feel like my big break. I want today to feel like seizing opportunity. I want to feel like a single point of focused attention. I want today to feel like renewing my vision and mission. I want today to feel like accomplishing everything on my current projects list. I want today to feel like I made it.

Dear jessica, I love you. You're doing so great. Relax and enjoy this beautiful day. Bask in how far you've come. Allow yourself to have fun and let go. Listen for the flow. You're perfect in every way and everything is unfolding just the way you want it to. Say yes to the gifts from the universe. Say yes to the best day of your life. Say yes to the power of love.

You are so loved and do treasured. You are so achingly beautiful and your smile can move mountains. Remember the power you hold. Try something new. Let it come to you. Allow source to do the hard part. Let the flow do it. You are so loved. Today is the day. You've waited your whole life for this day. Have fun!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.