Grateful to be awake and alive. Grateful to be directing my thoughts. Grateful to be alive. Grateful for a fresh day, a fresh challenge, a fresh cycle. Grateful for the flow. Grateful for this Now. Grateful for my friends. Grateful I can put myself in a good mood. Grateful for counting. Grateful for magick pellets. Grateful for my websites. Grateful for good ideas. Grateful to let it come to me. Grateful to release resistance. Grateful to sit up straight and breathe. Grateful I live in Texas. Grateful for brave people willing to talk about things I'm not. Grateful to be in control of my vibration. Grateful to choose to feel good. Grateful I can always direct my thoughts. Grateful for the power of my thoughts. Grateful I can feel my vibration rising. Grateful I can feel the flow creeping through my fingers. Grateful I have time to write. Grateful I have friends to see. Grateful so much of my immediate family lives in Texas. Grateful for my dad. Grateful I got to talk to him today. Grateful my mom suggested I call. Grateful it's almost my birthday!!!

Dear Jessica,
Take your time. Enjoy this Now. What you want is flowing to you. Everything you want is on the way. You don't ever have to doubt the flow. You know everything is unfolding perfectly. Trust that it is. Do you part to feel good so you can access all the good things in front of you. Raise your vibration to the heavens. Smile and know that you are in control. Let the flow take care of everything else, all you have to do is know who you are. You are an angel with it all. You are a brilliant individual perspective who is changing the world. You are perfect. You're doing everything right. Enjoy, bask, love! Play! Have fun! Life is supposed to be fun! Go live, go love, open up! Let the flow through! Let it be easy. Say yes to the gifts around you. Say yes to everything that's trying to help you.

Let the flow through. Remember your perfection. Remember that you came here to play and have fun. Get excited! Get inspired! Allow yourself to feel the way you want to feel! How do you want to feel?

I want today to feel like my birthday. I want today to feel like I'm super hyphy and uplifting and fun and playful. I want to feel excited and engaging and flowing. I want to feel like I'm the boss and I'm in control. I want to create my reality in real time. I want to feel for the flow and let it unfold. I want to feel like I'm riding the perfect wave. I want to feel like there is a gift waiting for me around every corner. I want to look for the gifts the universe is sending me. I want to be on the lookout for the blessings from the universe. I want to remember that this Now is a blessing, a miracle, and the only thing I need. I want to remember I have everything I need in this Now.

I want today to feel like I'm the boss, like I'm running the show. I want to feel like the ringleader. I want to feel like the conductor. I want to feel like the power is mine. I want to feel like it's all here for me. I want to feel butterflies in my tummy like I'm about to see someone I'm mad crushing on & they're returning the favor. I want to feel like people dream about me and obsess over me and want to be around me. I want to feel like I'm the most powerful woman in the world. I want to embrace my power. I want to raise my mood so high I see the outlines of everything I want, right here, right now.

I want this day to feel like focused, playful power. I want today to feel like a blessing from the gods. I want to feel like I deserve all the gifts coming to me. I want to feel excited about being in the flow and all my wishes coming true. I want to flirt and play and scamper around like a cat. I want to stop thought and let the flow through. I want to remember to breathe and smile and count. I want to create my best work effortlessly. I want to shower Kelly with love. I want to take care of everything I love in my reality. I want my reality to love itself and feel good. I want to feel the best I've ever felt. I want to feel like the master, the boss, the king. I want to wear a crown and fly around.

I appreciate Linty sleeping in my lap. I appreciate having two pets that keep me connected to the feeling of unconditional love. I appreciate my parents who always take care of my every need. I appreciate my wife who does the same! I appreciate feeling loved and cared for. I appreciate that I can lift my own mood, that it's a choice, and that I'm in total control. I appreciate that I can always feel the flow when I look. I appreciate my perfect computer! I appreciate my perfect car! I appreciate my perfect home! I appreciate my perfect friends and family!

I appreciate that I can breathe. I appreciate that I'm fertile. I appreciate that I'm a boss. I appreciate that I'm a leader. I appreciate that I'm in control. I appreciate reminders to pay attention and focus on what I want. I appreciate my lifestream. I appreciate how much it helps me focus. I appreciate being in the flow. I appreciate that I can choose the flow, just like that. I appreciate that there is nothing to understand, and I can just trust that the universe will care for me. I appreciate that I never have to worry again. I appreciate that I have tools to use when I begin to worry, like counting and meditating and breathing. I appreciate finding all my favorite thoughts and remembering them throughout the day.

I APPRECIATE MY OFFICE! I appreciate having space to myself! I appreciate having freedom to create whatever I want! I appreciate being in the Now. I appreciate breathing. I appreciate the power of writing. I appreciate how easy it is to feel good when I choose to!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Jess Morrow

    I always love stopping by your blog … I SO think I get how you feel in this post. It’s like … kind of ecstatic. I love your writing.
    (from one Jessica, to another)

  • jessica mullen

    Jess, thank you so much for the comment! Thank you for the positive feedback that inspires me to continue! :D And thanks for being a Jessica ;]

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