Want to come play in my vortex with me? #gratitude

Want to come play in my vortex with me?…

Grateful to be awake and alive. Grateful to be working on photos! Grateful all of my finances are in order. Grateful it's payday! Grateful for infinite money. Grateful to be who I am. Grateful to be creative. Grateful to be an angel. Grateful to not be hungover. Grateful for my family! Grateful for my friends. Grateful for my awesome job! Grateful to be a vegan chef. Grateful I understand that every word out my mouth, every thought in my head and every emotion I project grows like broccoli. Grateful to grow the parts of my reality I want more of, and grateful to be planting new seeds every day. Grateful to be focused on what I want. Grateful to wake up feeling good! Grateful we got to have a celebration last night. Grateful to be here now.

I always go to bed feeling good. I'm an angel. I look and feel my best. I'm in control of my vibration. I ride the flow like a bicycle. I let it come to me. I love myself and everything in my now. I create myself with each new thought. I am blissfully in love, want to come play in my vortex with me?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.