Good morning! #gratitude

Good morning! #gratitude

Grateful to be awake and alive! Gateful for a full night of sleep! Grateful to be so sore from riding! Grateful for my kitties! Grateful for Kelly! Grateful for sales! Grateful for subscription payments! Grateful Kelly started the laundry. Grateful it's thursday! Grateful for time to write. Grateful for this perfect now!

I want today to feel like picking out pumpkins. I want today to feel like going skiing. I want today to feel like Christmas morning. I want today to feel like flying in a dream. I want today to feel like coming home. I want today to feel like the last day of school. I want today To feel like street scenes! Like a grade school dance, like a sleepover, like a bonfire. Yes, a bonfire! That sums it up.

I intend I focus. I intend to smile and breathe and laugh and think about what I want. I intend to be nice to myself. I intend to go with the flow.

I'm allowing this to be this best day of my life. I'm allowing myself to feel better than ever before. I'm allowing myself to be confident and bold. I'm allowing it to unfold.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.