Ladies make some noise if you want to be my replacement girl #gratitude

Ladies make some noise if you want to be…

Grateful to be here. Grateful to have a nice camera and nice Cheerios. Grateful for Kelly. Grateful to be sloppy sometimes. Grateful it's ok to do whatever I want. Grateful it doesn't matter. Grateful we got to watch the marathon! Grateful for my kitties and Wayne and Austin. Grateful I can focus with a bellyfull of vodka. Grateful it gets easier every day. Grateful it doesn't matter what substance I consume, I'm still the master of my thoughts and therefore reality.

Grateful I can breathe. Grateful to be awake. Grateful to choose what I want. Grateful to know the power is mine. Grateful to know this is all for me and I can do whatever I want and everything is unfolding perfectly.

Grateful to be fun. Grateful to keep going. Grateful the flow never ends. Grateful I can choose what I want to think and feel. Grateful for Kelly!!! Grateful to have a partner who gets it. Grateful we spent all night working on our new project. Grateful for my lifestream.

Grateful I can choose to feel good. Grateful for Kelly, so much. Grateful I can choose focus no matter what. Grateful for a warm kitty on my lap. Grateful to be in the flow. Grateful to choose focus no matter what.

Grateful to let go. Grateful I can be in this now. Grateful to allow rest. Grateful for today. Grateful for this Now. Grateful to go to bed feeling good.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Jess Morrow

    What a lovely thing to read on a Sunday morning. You reminded me that I haven’t done a gratitude list in a long time. And you are right, about substances: we remain master of our thoughts. Cool. I love yr blog & I’ve been reading/following for a little while now. Great stuff.

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks so much Jess!! I really appreciate the feedback.

    It all comes down to what we believe, and I love training my beliefs to better handle my liquor ;]

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