The power of love won, because that’s the story I chose to tell. #gratitude

The power of love won, because that’s the story…

Grateful for meditation. Grateful Kelly inspires me to write. Grateful for a relaxing evening. Grateful for a clean home. Grateful for a clean vibration. Grateful to be tethered to the Now with my breath. Grateful for inspiration constantly flowing. Grateful to be getting better and better at thought direction. Grateful to be attracting solutions and good ideas. Grateful to feel like working. Grateful to choose to feel good. Grateful to choose to feel god. Grateful to choose to feel the flow. Grateful I know it's all a choice.

Grateful for my kitties. Grateful to feel physically good in my body. Grateful for my yoga mat. Grateful for my headphones. Grateful for the little items that make my life easier. Grateful for the sound of Kelly typing. Grateful for the School of Life Design group. Grateful for the inspiring conversations found there. Grateful for all our sites. Grateful for the peace and focus I feel.

Grateful for the following ideas, the most exciting concepts in my awareness:

  • Posting to Magick Food again! And cooking more raw once it warms up! (This week!!) Kale salad, raw pesto and rice, tomato pate, raw mock tuna, fruit salad, yum!
  • Finding three books I REALLY want to read at the Austin library, which are all available to me to pick up tomorrow!
  • Being the best lifestreamer in the world. I sure love that thought.
  • Launching a new project Monday! Writing an article about it!
  • 2 new banner ads!
  • A new how-to article!
  • An awesome gift for my email list!

Grateful to feel invigorated and inspired. Grateful for clarity. Grateful to be sober and feeling good. Grateful gratitude always works. Grateful I can choose the thoughts I want to think! Grateful I can choose how I want to feel! Grateful for beautiful music. Grateful for the power of thought. Grateful for the flow. Grateful to be a lifestreamer. Grateful I am ok. Grateful I am here. Grateful for this song. Grateful for this Now.

I am growing the reality I want to live in. I have fields and fields ripening and maturing, ready for harvest. A gift economy, the end of war, a worldwide consciousness upgrade. Communications with other forms of consciousness. Free energy, unlimited resources, everyone provided for. Technology for good. Thought direction as a worldwide practice. Lifestreaming as an art form. Unconditional love. I am growing a reality of unconditional love. An end of duality. An end of separateness. All of consciousness working together in flow, forever unfolding into more and more beautiful states of awareness.

I am growing a reality of fun. Parties, connections made in flow. The power of the mind over all. I am growing a reality of focused attention, of a world that cares about how it feels. A world that listens to the source from which it grows. A world that is one, one organism, united in flow.

I am choosing my specific path, and the path of all the world. I am choosing to be the best, and the best world will reflect that. I am choosing to love myself, and the world reflects me by loving itself. The power of love won, because that's the story I chose to tell.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.