The baddest, the baddest, my pussy’s the fattest, I’m bad

The baddest, the baddest, my pussy’s the fattest, I’m…

Do the work. Do the work. Grateful to be the best lifestreamer in the world. Grateful to spend time on myself. Grateful for Kelly. Grateful to have a constant outlet for my thoughts. Grateful I made a smoothie! Grateful to care for myself. Grateful for Friday! Grateful for hot showers.

Grateful for student work - the kind of work one does for the pure pleasure of creating, not for the end result. Grateful for my cute outfit. Grateful for my car to drive on cold days. Grateful for mild Austin winters. Grateful to be me!

Grateful to feel the flow. Grateful to know what I know. Grateful to be creative and positive and light. Grateful I practiced my way here and I'm practicing my way there.

I made it. I made all of this. It's all for me. Kyuh! <3

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    just reading the title made me happy! gratitude with a side of fat pussy, best way to start (or end, in my case) the day!

  • jessica mullen

    Ahhh Katja I love you so much!

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