My favorite thoughts of the day in bulleted list form

My favorite thoughts of the day in bulleted list…

I have all these wonderful ideas and I have to put them somewhere. I am so grateful for the contrast that brought me to this point. I am so grateful to be alive during this time! I am so blessed!

  • Information about evolving consciousness is becoming more and more clear. My favorite inspiration sources right now:
  • Helpful blog posts are sprouting up everywhere! My favorite posts of today:
  • My economic life is COMING TOGETHER!
    • Kel and I are working on an amazing project together that I can't wait to dig into further!
    • I have a beautiful (start-a-)lifestream article coming up that will explain so much to myself.
    • We won a contest that pays our March rent! Our bills are paid, we pay for things in cash, money is flowing like never before!
    • Affiliates! Donations! Digital downloads! An entirely passive income is possible, and it is my reality NOW!
    • Lifestreaming is an instant switch in perspective from mind-identified to silent observer.
    • Lifestreaming is the most advanced technology in my reality. Lifestreaming is a thought-direction (read: creation) technology that eliminates knowledge that isn't true (thoughts that don't feel good). We create what we believe! Know something with 100% certainty and it's yours. Decide with 100% certainty.
    • Lifestreaming is a way for me to channel the divine! (If I want positive feedback, I can give it to myself!)
  • Think about what you want, then stop thinking. Works every time.
  • Tether to the Now with breath, silent counting, and lifestreaming.
  • Unconditional love. That's all it comes down to, that's what we're made of, and that's what we're waking up into. What a relief. I love you, you're doing great!

I give feeling good my all. I give thought direction my all. I give lifestreaming my all. I give the Now my all. My full attention is in the Now.

This is it. I've got the technology in my hands. I'm going to use the shit out of it. My thoughts are creating this and I choose every thought. Done. Lifestreaming is just a way to visualize it all. Easy peasy. :P

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.