Grateful for backrubs combined with good sex, and more #gratitude

Grateful for backrubs combined with good sex, and more…

Grateful to be home. Grateful to choose to direct my thoughts. Grateful I was nice to myself today. Grateful it's getting easier. Grateful it's getting easier to be nice. Grateful it's getting easier to give myself the love I crave. Grateful to know that all desires I have come from one illusion, that I am not loved as much as I want to be. But I am loved, infinitely, eternally. I am love.

Grateful to do what I want, when I want to. Grateful it's up to me. Grateful I get to decide. Grateful I get to choose my thoughts. Grateful gratitude always works. Grateful I was able to direct my thoughts without writing a lot better today. Grateful it's getting easier to direct my thoughts in the moment. Grateful for a job to go to and wonderful people to work with. Grateful to be inspired by the people I work with. Grateful to fucking LOVE the people I work with. Grateful for such an amazing opportunity to learn. Grateful to be included. Grateful to feel like I'm a part of something.

Grateful I back up my site. Grateful I get the Internet. Grateful I get how to make websites. Grateful I know html and css. Grateful my parents gave me a 10pm curfew on the weekends so I had nothing better to do other than teach myself how to code. Grateful for my path. Grateful it's unfolding so beautifully. Grateful we made dinner last night and have tons of leftovers! Grateful to get to cook with my wife, a frivolous design project only for us. Ephemeral. Just for the Now.

Grateful to focus. Grateful to choose to be light. Grateful to remember to direct my thoughts! Grateful for my grocery lists of wonderful things in my life. Grateful for fishnets worn with vibrams. Grateful for good sex. Grateful for backrubs combined with good sex. Grateful to feel sexy and attractive and loved and cared for. Grateful I know I can give the love I crave to myself.

Jessica, I love you so much. You are doing so great. You are doing everything right. Every move you make is an inspired act of god. You are a miracle of miracles. Every day you get exponentially better at realizing your alignment. Every day you open up more and more. You are so beautiful, and so fun, and so lovable. Your writing is so inspiring, your photos are heartwarming and your vision extends unto infinity. You are perfect. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are the best. You are a star. You are shining so brightly. You are a master at thought direction technology. Talk about being up on trends! You are blazing the trail. You are a TrailBlazer :P

Grateful to physically feel my vibration rise as I write. Grateful I know how to channel my higher self. Grateful to be sober. Grateful for clarity. Grateful I can give myself love, what a relief.

I love you, you're doing great. Keep going, you're on the right path. I love you.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.