Good morning! Magick is in the air! I know because I had dirty dreams.

Good morning! Magick is in the air! I know…

Grateful to be awake and alive! Grateful to be a lifestreamer! Grateful for pwny and linty and Kelly. Grateful for my home. Grateful for my health. Grateful I got to have so much fun with Kelly yesterday. Grateful for all the new ideas I have. Grateful for vivid dreams. Grateful for the Internet! Grateful to remember it's all for me. Grateful to be aware of my power. Grateful to be attracting new information. Grateful for cash for groceries. Grateful we cooked last night! Grateful to evolve. Grateful to learn. Grateful to know my infinite nature. Grateful to know nothing matters and nothing is serious.

Grateful for the beautiful weather. Grateful for my beautiful body. Grateful for the Internet and clothes that fit me and perfect timing. Grateful everything is adding up.

I want today to feel like my dream. I want today to feel like my last semester of undergrad - top of my game, partying with people I shouldn't, busy with the unfolding of a magnificent life. No time to think, only to play. I want today to feel like confidence and good sex and synchronicity. I want to play with power. I want this morning to feel like the best video game ever invented. I want meditation to feel like charging up with invisible electricity. I want my time with Kelly to feel like connecting with long lost love, like meeting my soulmate on an adventure. I want to feel like the main character in a video game, like Mario or Link (Linc?) or Sonic! I want to feel like I'm playing my day. I want to explore this new power. I want to play with 100% certainty. I want to feel like the sexiest rapper cum witch cum designer. I want to feel on top of the world.

Breathe in and raise your vibration. Breathe out and release resistance. You sent your Self this moment as a gift. Enjoy! I love you, you're doing great!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.