I want today to feel like living in a rap video

I want today to feel like living in a…

Grateful to be here. Grateful to be attracting new habits. Grateful to be breathing consciously. Grateful to care about how I feel. Grateful to find new tools that work. Grateful for the Pranayama app. Grateful for money to support app developers. Grateful for a breathing tool that works. Grateful I can focus on my breathing and write at the same time. Grateful it's Betty's birthday! Grateful for this Now.

Grateful I can count and breathe and lifestream. Grateful to have security blankets. Grateful they're within. Grateful I can feel good regardless of circumstance. Grateful it gets easier every day. Grateful to be mindful. Grateful to be creating. Grateful to be grooming my mood. Grateful to be in the Now. Grateful for this app, it's helping so much! Grateful for all the amazing conversation Kelly and I had last night. Grateful we made so much progress on our store. Grateful life is such a fun game. Grateful to pay attention. Grateful to know everything in my reality is trying to help me.

Grateful breathing is such an incredible tether to the now. Grateful we're having a party! Grateful to be an artist and a designer and a lifestreamer. Grateful to be a conscious creator and deliberate thinker. Grateful this breathing exercise feels so good I don't care about anything other than the ecstasy of breathing.

Grateful to be opening up. Grateful to be making myself lightheaded with the deliciousness of slow and steady breathing. Grateful I can be in the Now effortlessly. Grateful for technology! Grateful to be thinking about what I want.

I want today to feel like the most delicious breath of air. I want it to feel like swinging on swings. I want it to feel like a playground. Like laying in a hammock with 10 of my best friends. Like connecting to everyone individually, and to the situation/experience as one. I want to be my moment, my Now. I want today to feel like it's all here for me. I want to remember it is all here for me.

I want this afternoon to feel like rafting down a lazy river, with a couple exciting rapids. I want to pay attention to every detail that's trying to help me. I want to feel like I'm living in a rap video.

People breathe consciously in rap videos right?

Of course they do.

I am so in the Now. I can gaze at any tiny detail and see the illusion and the physical beauty. I can see the false construction, how reality is just made up of thought. I can see my place as observer. I can see how counting is like beading or making friendship bracelets, and how breathing is like floating a river in a toob.


I feel so much love for my reality, for every aspect of it trying to help me. I feel calm, blissful and united. I feel the flow. I literally am the flow, powering my body and my external world with breath. Every sound is so rich and complex, everything I look at so detailed and interesting. I am in the Now. All it takes is breath. The decision to feel good.


A love letter to myself

Dear Jessica,
Thank you for deciding to care about how you feel all day every day. Your reality thanks you. Your source thanks you. LIfe thanks you. You are doing so great at managing your mood in any circumstance. You are learning how to stop thinking and allow the abundance of the universe to shower you with love.

Your lifestream is getting more inspiring every day, every minute. Everything you write resonates. You write from a place of flow, and a place of knowing. Your writing vividly outlines the curves of the waves, the on and off, in and out of life. Your photos place you perfectly in the Now, and the good feelings you capture keep growing.

You are doing such a great job. Keep going. You're doing great. Let it all come to you. Keep the focus on your breath. It's the key to flight. I love you so much. You're perfect. Keep smiling. Be fun, be naughty, be in the Now. Go play. You deserve it. It's all for you!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.