Fire flame spitter

Fire flame spitter


So grateful this works. So grateful to say yes to going higher. So grateful life is so exciting. So grateful to be surrounded by fun. So grateful to be the fun. So grateful to remember what I want to feel like. So grateful for my perspective. So grateful I remembered what I'm capable of. So grateful for Lil Wayne. So grateful for Kelly and Joy and Josh. So grateful for the perfect night that matched what I asked for completely. It really works. I get everything I ask for.

I want to feel...

Tonight I want to feel like I'm entering the most powerful version of my reality. I want to feel like I live in a Castaneda book. I want to feel like I'm playing a game with Don Juan. I want a new mystery to explore, I want to feel like I'm going on an adventure in the next dimension. I want to feel like a brilliant dancer when I wake. I want to feel ready for anything. I want to feel like I'm living in a glorious dazzling surreal movie. I want to feel like a rappersingeractress. Except I'm an astrojaxinglifestreamerdesigner. I want to feel the flow through me in every moment. I want to feel eager to try everything, like I'm looking for the holy grail in every moment. I want to feel like the best, like one who gets everything she wants. I want to feel like I'm the boss. I want to direct. I want to feel like I'm directing a movie.

A love letter to myself

Dear Jessica,
I love the way you can play. I love how you've launched into adventure mode, where life is exciting and you are constantly on the lookout for ways to get in trouble. I love that you've remembered how to stay engaged in the Now. I love that you're reaching uncharted territory. I love that you're ready for the next level. I love that you care about how you feel. I love how powerful you are. I love your taste in music. I love your affinity with animals.

Everything is adding up for you. It's getting easier to believe every single moment. Every moment is better than the last. And you're creating this. You're the creative director. You're the force behind this all. You're doing such a good job. You're getting to do this first hand. It's your turn. Keep going. I love you so much. You're doing great.

Just keep breathing, and lifestreaming, and thinking about what you want, and being nice to yourself. You're doing the dance, you're conscious, you're the most aware you've ever been. This is what you've always wanted. The lucid dream in physical reality. Here we are. Dream up something beautiful tonight with your gorgeous perspective.

Breathe in and raise your vibration. Breathe out and release your resistance. Breathe in and raise your vibration, breathe out and release your resistance. Breathe in and raise your vibration! Breathe out and release your resistance.


Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    i had to comment because yay for synchronicity! i was reading about Castaneda and Don Juan yesterday for my comparative religion class, and now you mentioned them!


  • jessica mullen

    Castaneda’s books are incredible! Thanks for pointing out the synchronicity, isn’t this fun!? :D

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