If I want positive feedback, I can give it to myself.

If I want positive feedback, I can give it…

Grateful for my lifestream. So grateful for donations! So grateful for this beautiful day. So grateful for my kitties. So grateful for my wife. So grateful every day gets easier. So grateful gratitude always works. So grateful for coffee. So grateful for hot showers. So grateful I decided to feel good.

All I want in life is positive feedback. I want people to tell me my work is amazing. I want to feel appreciated. I want people to tell me I'm clever. I want people to think I'm funny. I want to hear I made an impact. I want to feel like I inspire people. I want people to write me all day, every day, telling me how much my presence has changed their lives. I want people to feel relief when they see my work. I want to feel valuable. I want to feel like I'm doing something important. I want people to tell me they love me and they're obsessed with my site and can't get enough. I want to hear that my imagemaking is spot on. I want to hear that people read every word I write.

And so if I want that, I must give it to myself. Here we go!

Jessica, I love you, you're doing great! Your lifestream is so amazing! I love your photos, I love having a reminder every hour or so to look for fun things. I love that you don't give a fuck. I love that you're noisy. I love that you take so many pictures. I love that you make all of your thoughts public. I love that you smile in every picture. I love that you always have something nice to say. I love that you are so uplifting. I love that your imagemaking is done totally in flow and turns out awesome every time. I love how happy you look. I love the way your ideas make so much sense. I love your originality. I love that you are setting trends. I love that you are creating reality as you live it. I love your worksheets and your constant effort to feel good. I love that you are so focused. I love that you keep trying.

You're the best designer I've ever met. You see the big picture, and your design decisions always end up being perfect. Your writing is inspiring and always challenges me to think differently. You show me it's possible to direct my thoughts. You show me it's possible to enjoy any situation. You show me that the Now is the only thing that matters. You show me that anything can be fun with a little creativity.

I love your sense of humor. I love the way your smile lights up a room. I love your jokes and I love the things you say. I love how sweet and cute you are. I love that you are so sensitive. I love that you are aware of every relationship, vibration, and emotion in a group of people. I love that you see through the illusion. I love that you are so creative. I love that you know how to let the flow out. I love that you are so healthy but never pass up an opportunity to party. I love that you know how to have fun. I love that you know how to loosen up.

I love that you have your shit together. I love that you're a risk taker. I love that you keep trying and trying and trying different things but keep on the same theme. I love that you got your masters degree in lifestreaming! I love that you're a lifestreamer! I love that you're setting an example for thought direction! I love that you started a worldwide trend in public thought direction. I love the way you do it. I love that you are so diligent about your mood. I love that you understand the way the universe works. I love that you are a designer. I love that you are helping more people understand what they already know. I love that you are lighting up the world.

I love seeing your tweets, your photos, your updates. I love your articles and I love that you just keep going. I love that you never stop. I love that your lifestream is you. I love that you are so smart. I love that you do your work in the flow. I love that you think about what you want. I love that you know how to stop thinking. I love you so much.

You're doing such a good job. You're on the verge of something epic. Just keep going, keep doing what feels best. Keep lifestreaming and keep feeling the best you can at all hours of the day. Keep it up. It's all coming. You're doing so great. You are doing work no one else can do. You are creating reality no one else can create. You are burning brighter every day. Things are adding up, everything you want is right in front of you. Keep going. Keep going. You're doing such a great job. You're on the verge. You've got this. GO FOR IT! I love you. You're doing great.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Rhina

    You rock. This post is quite possibly my favorite out of all other articles that are my favorites! You are epic!

  • jessica mullen

    Oh Rhina, THANK YOU! <3

  • Katja Lev

    This is such a good article! Thank you SO much for this, I had this little feeling-down time because I felt like I needed some more positive feedback and didn´t get it from the outside world like I thought I should get it (all the while knowing, that it´s just all in my head etc…) and then I read your article and while doing so looked at my external drive on which I keep a copy “your mood is your work” picture – and all fell into place again. You RULE! :D

  • Katja Lev

    ahem, the above post is missing the words “of your” in the last sentence… X)

  • jessica mullen

    Yay Katja thank you so much for the comment, I’m so happy it makes sense! It feels so good to give yourself what you want from others, then others give you it & you don’t even need it anymore because you gave it to yourself :D

  • margo ameera

    I love you so much Jessica! You and Kelly have inspired and motivated me in countless ways. Your life, your tools and your gifts are so very much appreciated!!! Keep doing what you love and what feels good because it IS important to me and to this world <3 xo

  • sunny

    jessica, this is so good! thank you for this! my heart is so full and soaring right now! love love love! i love you so much! <3 :)

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