Dreams 101: 5 Questions from a Reader

Dreams 101: 5 Questions from a Reader

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What do dreams mean?

Dreams are manifestations of your thoughts, just like in waking life. They can mean whatever you want them to. Whatever you believe about dreams is true. They are products of thought just like this reality.

Are dreams a visualization of some sort?

One common belief is that dreams are pre-manifestations of physical reality. They're like a warning system–however you feel in your dream is an indicator of how you feel in waking life. If you feel afraid in real life, that will be reflected in your dreams. If you keep feeling afraid in real life, you'll attract scary experiences.

Are dreams prophetic?

Having a meaningful dream does make you aware of the will of god. You always have that awareness if you feel for it. However, having a dream that makes you feel good is an indicator that you are "closer" to being in alignment with god, because emotion is the guidance system that tells us if we're on the right path towards what we want. If your dream makes you feel good, know that what you want is on the way. Allow the manifestation to flow towards you.

Will my dream come true?

If you want it to, and you're able to let the desire go, then yes. However, it may not manifest in the exact same way your dream did. Don't be attached to the people or situations you dream about. Entirely different circumstances may unfold in the same pattern as your dream and make you feel the same way. Usually what manifests will be much better than your dream!

Was my dream about another person a mutual dream?

If you believe with 100% certainty that it was, then yes. If you don't, use the dream as a tool to understand your underlying thoughts patterns about a person.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Annie

    This was really interesting to read. I wish I could remember my dreams more. It wouldn’t be accurate to say that I never dream – we all do, even if we don’t remember what we’ve dreamed. Weirdly just recently, I’ve been waking up sometimes and remembered fragments. The other night I attended the wedding of my best friend from school, even though I probably haven’t seen her inside of almost twenty years. My Dad was there and he’s dead almost eight years and my Granddad too, though he died before I was born. And he looked nothing like his picture!

    Don’t get me started about the time I dreamed I was escaping from Jack the Ripper in the middle of Cardiff on a motorised barstool. I really did dream that. My unconscious must a scary place to be, lol.

    I just wish that I could get more of a handle on them; I’m sure that I could learn a lot from them.

  • jessica mullen

    Hahaha I love the motorized barstool. Do you get a full night’s sleep Annie? Often I don’t remember my dreams if I’m not sleeping enough. Lots of drugs can interfere with remembering them too. The best way I’ve found to get more into my dreams is to sleep as much as possible!

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