We’re here to receive.

We’re here to receive.

There is nothing to explain. There is only life to live. There is only this moment. There is only one choice: feel good or not.

Focus on what you want intently. A single point of focus. Put all of your energy towards that desire.

Then drop it. Let it go.

And so be it.

Just think about what you want, know it's coming, and stop thinking. That's all it comes down to. We're here to receive.

I want to go to sleep feeling my best. Feeling excited to enter the dream state. Ready to enter the next dimension. Ready to practice my magick. I want to find more ways to enjoy the Now. I want to feel rested and energized.

I want to remember my creative power. I project the vibration I want to receive. I love you.

I want to feel confident, fun, playful, and focused in the Now. I want to associate breathing with feeling good. I want to create my best work in every moment.

My only desire is to be in the Now where I don't want anything.

I am in the Now. Life is in the driver's seat. I'm just here to enjoy, allow and receive.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.