Neptune comes home today! Let’s celebrate! #pisces #flaketothecore #heavenonearth

hos, let's just talk about hos!

Neptune comes home today! Let’s celebrate! #pisces #flaketothecore #heavenonearth

hos, let's just talk about hos!
Grateful Neptune comes home today! Grateful I get to decide what my future holds. Grateful to be creating my story right here, right now. Grateful to be breaking through resistant thought patterns. I can be, do or have anything I want. So what do I want?


I am healed. My vision is crystallizing into physical form. I am who I came here to be.

I am one with my body, mind and experience. I am detached from outcome, and focused in the Now. My breath is a continuous conveyor belt keeping me in sync with the flow.

I am an ambassador of light. Now is my time to bridge between my Self and my self. I am light, I am water, I am air. I am flow. I am all that is. I am at peace with anything and everything. I am always ok. I am always at peace. I am at peace in this body, and at peace in this experience. I say yes to this Now.

I am a stream of life. I am the stream of life. I allow the flow to be expressed through my individual perspective, continually, consciously. I am safe. I am in control. I hold all of the power.

My power is in this Now. In this Now, I am fully prepared for life. I have everything I need. Everything is perfect in this Now. I am dancing in the flow, playing in the flow, basking in the flow, creating the flow. Creator and experiencer, visionary and seer.

I am free of resistance. I am free of attachment. I am free to be who I am and do what I want to do. I am in the flow in real time. I am the flow.

I am a stream of life. I am the creator of each Now. Today and each day forward is a celebration of joy.

I am a stream of life. I choose where to direct the stream.

I am a bridge from me to me, you to you, us to us. This is our time. We're awake. Let's play!

I am free. I am a stream of life, connected to all that is, growing all that is. Advancing life, taking the risk.

I am here to bridge heaven and earth. I create to bridge heaven and earth. Creating is manifesting heaven on earth.

I am a stream of life, an ambassador of light, and a bridge between heaven and earth. I am focused, confident, and fun. I am inspired, in sync with the flow, and constantly expressing my gifts like a Möbius kaleidoscope. My life is my art, my vision my design. I am a channel of visual solutions, and a soother of racing minds.

I am a source of infinite energy. I run at universal speed.

I accept the responsibility of creator. I accept the power I asked for. I breathe in the flow. I allow the flow through me. I direct the flow. I am the flow.

I'm allowing this new level of awakening. I'm allowing this new level of openness. I am opening up. Life is living me without resistance or fear. My vision is clear. My future is bright. My Now is impeccable.

I am impeccable in my thoughts, words and actions. I breathe in the flow. I am a stream of life, and I am accountable and responsible for my reality. I am the creator. I am the One. I am a guide, a light burning brightly. I chose this, I wanted this, and now it is mine.

Everything that I want has come to pass. I am free of my desires, free of my obligations, and blissfully carefree.

I welcome this time with an open heart and empty mind. I understand there is nothing to understand. I accept the simplicity. I allow life to be this deep. I allow myself to enjoy the game. I allow this to be fun. I allow myself to play. I allow myself to move fast and break things. I allow myself to go full force. I allow myself to be as brilliant as I know I am. I allow inspiration through me. I allow life to live me. I say yes.

I allow myself to embrace my manifested reality. I allow myself to enjoy my creation. I allow myself to reach the next level.

I allow myself to lead. I allow myself to trust my inner guidance. I allow myself to shine brightly without shame or self consciousness. I allow myself to be the best.

My lifestream is a map of flow. It is what comes out of me when I let life take the driver's seat. It grows out of me like hair or fingernails, producing a digital mane of consciously-crafted narrative. It is where life takes me when I ask for what I want. It is a flow toy, an illustration of thought, and a collection of emotional bookmarks to help me remember what I know.

My lifestream gives me reasons to smile. My lifestream is a mirror. My lifestream is me, edited, curated, culled, designed, distilled. Clarified.

My lifestream is an extension of my body and a reflection of my mind. I share it with the world because it helps me focus on what's important to me: love, creation, inspiration. I share it with the world because that's why we came to this reality: to shine and bask in the glow of others. Shining isn't fun when there isn't anyone else to enjoy it. I lifestream to shine. My lifestream is life shining through me. My lifestream is my light, the glow that comes off of me.

lifestreamer lifestreamer light up the way
Ok guys, it's official: I'm a lifestreamer. And I finally understand why! Again. My lifestream is both an expression and record of my light. It inspires me to shine. And it reminds me of my light when I don't feel as bright. As a lifestreamer, I never have to focus outside of the Now. As a lifestreamer, I am dedicated to finding the best parts of each Now. Lifestreaming is my favorite portal to the Now.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.