Tuesday Tips: 11 Access Points to the Now

Cosmic Keyhole

Tuesday Tips: 11 Access Points to the Now

Cosmic Keyhole

Tuesday Tips is a weekly roundup of portals to the fun part of life—the Now. Whether you allow yourself into the current moment via doing, thinking, feeling or being, the end result is always the same: joy.

1. Lifestream your ass off.
Sharing little moments from my day helps me get used to not caring about what other people think. It also inspires me to look for fun moments and constantly check in on my mood. If I don't feel like documenting my life, I could probably use a little mood boost. Often looking for something to photograph or write about will give me a jolt up the emotional scale.

2. Play "Now That's What I Call... Now!"
Try this game: only talk about things that are in your Now. Nothing about people who aren't there, no planning events in the future, no reminiscing about the past. If you never talk about anything outside of the Now, you never have to deal with anything outside of the Now.

3. Just laugh, dude.
When I have persistent negative thoughts that I can't seem to shake, I try laughing at them. Nothing dark can withstand the power of laughter.

4. Think of yourself as valuable.
Imagine your favorite heroes coming to you for advice or services. What do you have to offer that you know they need, that no one else can provide? Focus on developing that part of your work.

5. Remember you are always creating with your thoughts.
When you want something, realize you are creating your lack of it. Change your thought of want to the feeling of having it. Say to yourself, "Isn't it nice I have this now?" Picture it happening for a moment, then never think of it again.

6. Try the mantra "I don't want anything."
Your mind will always react with, "But I want lots of things!" And then you get to say, "Well, it's your awareness of lack that's creating it, so STFU." Treated!

7. Silent counting always works.
Kelly is a master of silent counting, which is a method for quieting the mind. The other day she taught me that when she loses count, she just goes to the nearest 100 she can remember. Not getting frustrated when she loses her focus helps her not sweat the small stuff in daily life.

8. Count for money!
In need of a tidy thousand dollars or so? Direct all your focus to counting to 1000 and imagine each number being a dollar amount. When you get to 1000, consider the money on the way. Kelly actually did this on Sunday! The amount she received was actually $1021, but close enough...

9. Practice the feeling of getting a headrub.
It might not feel quite as delicious as the real thing, but it will still soothe headaches and worries. It's just another way to prove to yourself that everything you want is within.

10. Associate feeling good with breathing and voila, you've pwned the emotional scale.
All that matters in life is that you're still breathing, right? So any time you want to feel better, focus on your breath. Feel it go in and out of your lungs. Picture the patterns it makes. Observe the rhythm closely. Your thoughts will slow (maybe even cease!) and you will feel better within seconds. Your breath is your most basic access point to the Now.

11. Everything is perfect in the Now.
No matter where you want to go, you couldn't get there if you weren't where you are right now. Accept the gift of the Now by saying yes to it. Embrace it, look for all the things you love about it. Love this Now so much that you don't want anything else. Whatever it takes to enjoy your present moment, do it! Then suddenly you'll be where you wanted to go without ever moving a muscle.

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