How a Matriarchal Society is Emerging in 2012


How a Matriarchal Society is Emerging in 2012


Two years ago, I took a graduate course called Gender & Technology at UT. I didn't do every reading, but I always showed up and had fun. If I were still in that class, I would write this:

How a Matriarchal Society is Emerging in 2012

Humans are evolving, and for the first time in known history, we are aware of the evolution. This evolution is not like animal to human, or agriculture-human to industrial-human. This is an evolution of consciousness—we are learning how to explore and affect the very nature of reality itself.

There is a name for the evolution of consciousness: life design, or, life designing itself. Life design is the pursuit of gaining control over one's creative faculties to create desired realities (you could call it either empowerment of the individual perspective, or the study of how consciousness works). Life design is also about achieving a certain lifestyle of being able to do what you want, when you want to do it. For many individuals, this means happiness.

Learning how to do what you want, when you want to do it naturally leads people to the law of attraction, because the law of attraction sells itself proclaiming it can help one manifest material wealth. The core teaching of the law is what you think about, you bring about. Entrepreneurs and lazybones alike can handle dealing with thoughts. It's easy. Or so it seems...

Learning to observe thought gives the individual a new perspective: that she is not her thoughts. She learns to separate herself from the content of her mind. So how does she start accessing the thoughts she wants, to create her desired reality?

Law of attraction philosophers Abraham-Hicks will tell you that it is your mood that determines what thoughts you can attract, like a radio tuner set to a specific station. When you're tuned to the emotion of fear, you attract fearful thoughts. When you're tuned to the emotion of love, you attract loving thoughts. That's what solutions are: loving thoughts. Abraham suggests always being in the best mood possible so the solutions in life will present themselves. They call it "getting into the vortex." Feel good and then act when inspiration strikes. Get in the vortex and then do your work. Get in the vortex and then try to solve problems. Everything you want will come to you when you choose to feel good before you get the thing that you think is going to make you feel good. When you feel bad, you're going in the wrong direction. When you feel good, you're living in harmony with life itself.

How do you feel good? There are infinite ways. That's your job—to find the ones that work for you. Women are at an advantage, because they are socialized to be aware of their emotions. Because they can feel emotion strongly, they are very aware when an adjustment needs to be made.

Women know when they're going against the harmony of life, because they have a well-developed sense of emotion. Men don't seem to feel emotion as strongly, because they are socialized to avoid feeling and expressing emotion. However, this means they also think negative thoughts less frequently than women, which allows them access to a flow state more often, leading to more collective moments co-creating with god. The end result: power. A patriarchal society.

But old paradigms are shifting. A woman's once-perceived weakness of being too emotional is proving to be useful in the evolution of human consciousness. Since women can feel emotion so strongly, they know when they're NOT feeling good, and can adapt accordingly (by choosing to feel good with any number of methods, including stopping thought).

Part of this evolution is a collective understanding that our thoughts and emotions are a creative choice. An individual can choose to feel good, which means she can take her signal of emotion (which attracts her thoughts) and tune it to receive solutions, instantly. And now that going in the right direction with life is necessary to the survival of humanity itself, women can't help but lead the way. They've asked for directions, and now they're hearing them loud and clear.

Oh yeah, and the technology part of all this? The ladies are gathering on the Internet. In massive amounts. According to Facebook analytics, it is mostly women involved in the practice of life design. Where the boys at?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Erin

    “They’ve asked for directions, and now they’re hearing them loud and clear.”

    This is one of my favorite of your posts to date — and I’ve loved them all!! I’ve watched as you and Kelly have inspired one girl at a time, and in a few cases I’ve been lucky enough to watch those girls you inspired broke open to the positivity, swore off their old impressions of themselves and the world around them to become leaders, themselves. It is often our painful emotions that grant us the empathy required to step up and lead by example once we do learn how to understand, and then team up with, our emotions rather than fighting them!

    I can’t wait to watch as more and more of this spreads! It is changing the world, and there is no stopping it. :)

    I also love the image — hope to see the next one with twice as many userpics. I want to see it grow to the point that it becomes one of those photo mosaics, full of leaders and artists of all kinds uniting with this mission. :) Well done, Jessica!!!

  • Dan

    While I agree that men have been socialized to not express emotions, that doesn’t mean we don’t still feel them. The reactions are just more internal.

  • Allison Koberstein

    I think there are plenty of men interested in life design – I mean there’s the whole Tim Ferriss / Zen Habits / etc etc crowd. I think the School of Life Design group has more female members because your blog attracts a more female readership.

    (Oh look my photo is right next to yoooouuurs~~~)

  • kelly

    i like to think of matriarchy more conceptually, because gender is also a concept that’s losing relevance.

    i think there are mostly women in the SoLD group because they want to get down on my johnson.

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