Isn’t that weird?

Isn’t that weird?

Grateful for kitties and iPhones. Grateful for Kelly and space and stars. Grateful for "I don't want anything. I'm perfectly happy in this Now." Grateful to learn how to balance the flow. Grateful the laundry is done. Grateful to wake up in world. Grateful to say yes. Grateful writing always works, it always feels good. Seven sentences.

I don't want anything. I'm perfectly happy in this Now.

I say that and then I am that. I just have to focus and keep saying that.

Yes. I say yes. I'm allowing myself to feel the best I've ever felt, right now.

It feels like being in control of my vibration. It feels like having my shit together. It feels like power.

I say yes to the flow. Yes to the flow. The flow knows. The mind is just playing out an instance, I am everything, I can zoom out and be the entire situation. I can watch.

I can choose to feel good no matter what. I can choose to say "I love you, you're doing great."

I can choose to be deliberate in my thoughts. I can allow myself to rest. I know my mood is my work. My mood is my work. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.