When you’re happy with the Now, you’re happy with yourself.

When you’re happy with the Now, you’re happy with…

So grateful to be home. So grateful to love being at work so much I don't want to leave. So grateful to choose to feel good. So grateful to choose to do the work. So grateful to be in my cute little office with my cute little cats in my cute little cape. So grateful we have food to cook for dinner and a warm, dry place to live.

So grateful to be releasing my awareness of numbers. So grateful to feel pretty. So grateful to feel healthy. So grateful to feel good. So grateful to remember how to feel good. So grateful I remembered to care about how I feel. So grateful for Kelly. So grateful for cloudy days. So grateful the work always works.

So grateful to be on the leading edge.

Grateful to remember I hold the upper hand, always. I am the boss, I am the leader, and I decide what to create in my reality. Only I control my thoughts. Only I determine my mood.

Grateful I can collect the ideas that make me feel good and throw out all the slips of paper with ideas all over them. Grateful for all of these random things that make me feel good (and which are mostly paraphrases of things Kelly said last night):

  • The weather, my dreams, and the stars are shifting into place. The things I understand in my sleep are creeping into the day. Life makes more sense.
  • Quarantine negative thoughts with laughter! What are they going to do, laugh back?!
  • The gift of enlightenment is that you get to enjoy the Now. When you're happy with the Now, you're happy with yourself, because the Now is your Self.
  • Laugh for no reason! It always helps!
  • I'm the boss. I decide what's going to unfold, then I let it unfold.
  • I'm happy where I am. Everything is already perfect. Everything I need is already right in front of me. Besides, anything I want will never be able to come while I'm thinking about it. Move onto something else, something new to think about. I've done it before, and I'll do it again. Just stay focused on feeling good, until you feel the feeling.
  • We just have to get used to our awesomeness. I know how awesome everything is, I just have to get used to the idea. We're magicians. We just have to wake up in that body. To get there, we only have to visualize ourselves in that place.
  • Just decide to feel good. Be happy with the Now. Find everything you like about the Now. Let the flow through you. Keep your good feelings lubricated.

I want to open up. I want to ask more questions. I want to give more.

I allow myself to feel vulnerable. I allow life to flow through me. I allow myself to feel that good.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.