Holy shit, isn’t life getting crazy good lately?

Holy shit, isn’t life getting crazy good lately?

This is the best day of my life! All the contrast I've been experiencing since the beginning of the year has explained itself and turned itself inside out to reveal the other side of the wave, the abundance that is surrounding us all!

I've been so focused on DOING that I forgot the whole point of life is to feel good, and that all the manifestations I want SO BADLY will only come when I feel good first! And I forgot how EASY it is to choose to feel good, that's why I made all these tools to help me stay focused! How could I have forgotten!?

It doesn't matter, because now I remember that the only way to be happy is to BE HAPPY. To choose it. To live it. To be happy first, and let everything else follow naturally. I've learned so much swimming through all that contrast like a little fish, and now I get to FUCKING LIVE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WAVE!!!!!!!!!! I'm so relieved! It's time! FEEL GOOD NO MATTER WHAT! It really is that simple!!!!!

All of that contrast opened a direct connection to source, I'm now able to be the perspective of individual and source at the same time, I'm able to ask my Self for things in real time, I'm able to be both! I'm able to be my higher self and an individual! I feel it all the time! I know what it feels like! When I'm an individual, I have needs and wants and thoughts, and then I step back to my source perspective and I feel so beautiful and perfect, like an angel. I feel innocent and young and so valuable and pretty. I feel like I'm doing everything right. I feel comforted and taken care of. My body feels so small and strong yet delicate and ephemeral. Temporary, yet magickal. I can be both at the same time. I can be both. I am both. I am an individual and source. At the same time. Right now.

All of that contrast, all of that confusion, all of that exploration into the depths of consciousness, and now I surface for air with the knowing that life really is easy, and that the only work I have to do is FEEL GOOD! It's a miracle! I know how to feel good! I know how to stay focused! I know how to put my mood first! That's why I have all these tools! All that matters is feeling good, and keeping the good feeling lubricated with more good thoughts and feelings!

It doesn't matter what I do. It doesn't matter what I want. All that matters is that I feel good and everything else will follow. And I KNOW HOW TO FEEL GOOD. Feel good no matter what. Feel good no matter what. Keep the machine lubricated. It's just like learning a routine or how to ride a bicycle. You get better and better, have longer and longer runs. Then you fall off and it seems like the end of the world. But then you get back on and you remember everything from last time and this time it's even better, even easier. And you get bold and take risks and they pay off. And it's all such a gorgeous show!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.