Feel Good No Matter What

The Work

Feel Good No Matter What

The Work

Choose to feel good first.
Your mind won't believe it.
It will tell you those tools and processes won't work. They won't feel as good as a drink, or a drug, or a drivethru.

Remember the last time life was running smoothly. What was different?
You decided to care about how you felt.
You told your mind to shut the fuck up.

Once you learn the lesson for yourself, you'll forget.
But you'll remember again, and this time it's easier.
You'll go higher, further, deeper.

When you get so low that you're afraid for your health, or your safety, or your life,
just laugh. It's not that serious. I promise.
Your laugh is your ticket to the ride back up.

When you feel good, milk it. Milk it, milk it, milk it.
Remember every detail. Paint pictures. Pray harder than ever before.
You'll be so grateful you have a bookmarked place to return to.

When you start blaming caffeine, or weed, or your job for your bad mood,
remember that when you feel good, none of those things matter.
You can have it all.

Take a picture of your good feelings. Write them down.
When you feel bad enough, you'll remember about your bookmarks.
How did I feel good again?

Eventually you'll prove to yourself again and again,
feeling good is the only way to get what you want.
Feel good no matter what. Feel good no matter what.

When you catch that good feeling, memorize it.
Write about it. Be it. Bask in the feeling of feeling good
even though you're broke. Even though you're broken.

And what you want will come,
and you won't care,
because you already have everything you need inside.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Ruru

    Your posts are so inspiring, I really love your blog, dear. This post is so true, and it really helps me. Thank you!


  • jessica mullen

    Thank you so much Ruru :D

  • Mia

    Love love love!

    ps:Neptune’s coming home tomorrow!

  • jessica mullen

    I can feel it!!!

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