Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Have More Fun Today


Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Have More Fun Today


Tuesday Tips is a weekly collection of ideas that make living life more fun. Explore ways to channel your energy, gain power over your mind, feel like a million trillion bucks, and be the perfect badass you know you are.


1. Look for evidence of your power.
If you haven't had a lot of practice with manifestation, now's the time to start! The easiest way to begin noticing the power of your focus is by looking for synchronous times on clocks. Look for 11:11, 12:34, 3:33, etc, then watch as every glance at the clock becomes synchronous. Then try cars! Pick a few of your favorite cars and intend to see them on the road. (I love seeing Hummers!) As soon as you start looking for them, your favorite cars will show up at the most serendipitous times.

2. Write!
On page 50 of Design Writing Research by Ellen Lupton and Abbott Miller, there's an essay on the idea that writing is an extension of the body. "It is a physical by-product, a material trace of human activity [...] It is also akin to hair, finger nails, and the surface of the skin—each is a part of the body that is continually regenerated yet biologically dead, detachable, disposable." In essence, writing is another form of bodily excrement, like blood, sweat, semen, and saliva. Get it out of you!


3. I made it!
Try using the mantra "I made it." Think about what that implies. On one hand, it means succeeding at a goal or endeavor. On the other, it means "I created this." Same thing, right?

4. See your mind and body as one.
If your body is tense, it's a physical manifestation of your mind resisting. Margo in the School of Life Design group helped me understand that "since the mind and body are one, you can always tell how you are mentally by how you feel physically." If you're tense, you're resisting. If you're relaxed, you're allowing. Margo also reminded me that silent counting is an immediate way to go from resisting to allowing.

5. Stop resisting.
There were lots of other great ideas on releasing resistance in the above thread. Jenny's is spot on!

Sometimes when I am walking or in the car and I am getting worked up and resisting and not in the present... I stop and pretend that the whole world is a movie set just for me. I look for all the awesome details like the quirky old guy walking with huge headphones on and the precious little purple flower sticking up from a crack in the concrete. I think to myself 'Yes!! This is awesome! This I all here for ME! This world is full of beautiful things for me to enjoy!'

6. Find the best feeling you can feel.
Danielle Laporte has a great advice-tweet: "What would feel really, really, good to feel? Intend to feel that way." Essentially, picture feeling the best you can feel, and choose that feeling now.

7. Practice the feeling of freedom on your bike.
Kelly and I started commuting to work via bicycle last week. The 16-mile round trip joy ride through Austin reminds me of how much freedom I have. I can go anywhere, see anything, do whatever I want! And on a bicycle, I get to luxuriate in the scenery and people-watching, and I feel so much more willing to make stops along the adventure because I don't have to worry about parking. Six months later, I am so happy to call myself a cyclist again!

8. What does 100% certainty feel like?
In a lucid dream, you can only "make things happen" if you have 100% certainty that you can. The same goes for waking life. Practice that feeling of knowing and you'll find yourself feeling that same certainty about more and more things you want to manifest.

9. Listen to Halcyon's morning blessing as soon as you wake up.
I find it hardest to direct my thoughts first thing in the morning. Often, I've forgotten all the good-feeling thoughts I collected the day before. Halcyon's 12-minute morning blessing meditation has made my mornings so much easier and more blissful, I can't recommend it enough. Don't judge it in the afternoon or evening, because it won't have the same effect. Just try it one morning when you're not feeling as good as you want to, and listen the whole way through. By the end you'll have tears of joy streaming down your face, I guarantee it!

10. Sleep more.
It's ok. The world will wait. Everything feels better when you're getting enough sleep, and nothing matters more than how you feel.

11. Surrender to the ability to receive.
In Halcyon's morning blessing, he reminds us to "let go of the drive to achieve, and surrender to the ability to receive." The things you want will come effortlessly if you allow them to. Let them come to you. Know that they're all coming. Relax and bask in the Now. There is nothing you can do to get the things you want. It is an emotional journey every single time. Choose to feel good and enjoy this moment right now, and you will open yourself up to the gifts from the universe.

12. See your life through the eyes of god.
Tell yourself "I love you, you're doing great." And tell everyone around you the same thing.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Ruru

    Aww, I´m always looking forward to the Tuesday Tips. Number 3 works best for me, it makes me feel so amazing.
    Great list!

  • jessica mullen

    Yay Ruru thanks so much for the feedback! And so nice to meet you!

  • Jeptha Powell

    Thank you Jess, for your 12 ways to have more fun even though I am reading them on a Sunday and thank you for the link to Halcyon’s Morning Blessing.

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