Grateful for chill Saturday nights, recovering from wild Friday delights

Grateful for chill Saturday nights, recovering from wild Friday…

Good evening and welcome to Saturday night! Yesterday we biked over 23 miles and partied hard with family and friends, so I'm super thrilled to be relaxing at home with my perfect wife and kitties. I'm preparing tacos, learning how to avoid writing in passive voice, and collecting my most inspired ideas to transform into magickal website fodder. I love you, let's get started! The best parts of my reality tonight include the following ideas:

  • Silent counting saved my life. I'm becoming aware of the cycle of contrast: build up enough resistance to feel enough pain to make me willing to try anything to feel better. Then stop thinking via silent counting, saying yes, and thinking "I'm allowing" until I feel good again, then watch as manifestations fly at me faster than ever. Then get comfortable at that level, lose focus, then build up more resistance and contrast until I have to do it all over again.
  • I love collecting good mantras. Currently in use: "We made it!" "Yes. Yes. Yes." "I'm allowing." "I knew it!"
  • I also love collecting ways to fall asleep happy. Counting works, but I really like "I'm allowing myself to rest. I'm allowing myself to feel good and bask in this moment." Etc!
  • Yesterday Kelly gave me an effective mantra that might be of use to you: "Trust the flow and breath will breathe you."
  • We took our kitties to the vet to get shots and checkups, they did so good and they're so healthy and I'm so relieved to have money to pay for all their little shots and medicines! I love investing in my kitties' health and happiness. Also we left the house at 12:21pm on 1/12/2012 and were checked in at 12:34pm ;]
  • We made a new friend yesterday who was asking for book recommendations and we had so many to give! And he told us about how he has always been able to turn off his thoughts at any time, and he just chills in a state of happiness because he doesn't have attachment to the physical world. He lives what I write about all day, and he does it effortlessly and naturally. We talked about lucid dreaming and it was my favorite conversation ever!
  • We got to help my brother and Taya set up a website for their printshop last night!!
  • We've made so much progress on our new store! And on a new life design lesson! I love creating, I love being married to my design partner, and I love learning how to sell things!
  • Thank you especially to Sui at Cynosure, Izennah at I Live Lightly and Abigail at Silent Infinite for inspiring me day after day.

I am so grateful to be here, in this Now. I am so grateful to feel the tug of inspiration. I am so grateful to feel like creating. I am so grateful to feel good!

Tonight, I intend to say yes. I intend to feel good no matter what. I intend to allow myself to receive the gifts the universe is giving me. I intend to take breaks from thinking. I intend to appreciate where I am. I intend to give everything I have to give. I intend to project love. I intend to focus. I intend to be in the Now. I intend to smile!

Jessica Mullen
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