A Life Design Manifesto

A Life Design Manifesto


If you are reading this site, you are conscious. You understand that you are not your thoughts or feelings, because you can observe them. You are bigger. You are everything in your reality. You are the creator. You are god.

It doesn't matter whether it was depression, hallucinogens, or luck that woke you up. All that matters is that consciousness is the new norm, a meme rippling through the world faster than "Shit White Girls Say."

We are in the midst of a global awakening, where people are coming to know their divine power and learning how to use it. We all got hooked on the law of attraction, thinking we could finally manifest all the things we wanted. But this evolution of human consciousness is much bigger than learning how to attract money, health and love for ourselves.

Whether via meditation, movement, tragedy or DMT, more individuals are stepping back from their minds to don the broader perspective of life itself. We can feel our connectedness both online and off. There is no map or outline for the expansion of awareness, because we are writing it as we live it. The outcome of this evolution has yet to be determined. So I am writing this to ask: what do WE want? What do we want as a society? Where do we want to see humanity go? What do we want life to be like, now that we know it can be any way we wish?

As fun as it is to learn how to manifest my own desires, I'm starting to see how much better this would be if we all worked together. It's a lot easier to believe something when other people believe it too.

What do we want to believe in together? I have my ideas, but I want yours too. For now I present a Life Design Manifesto, a public declaration of principles and intentions to direct the flow of this evolution, or more literally, the design of life itself. These are the things I want for everyone, and that I want everyone to want for me. If we all believe these principles to be true, then they are. And that's the way life will unfold.

A Life Design Manifesto

  • Life is an adventure, meant to be explored, expanded and enjoyed.
  • Each individual is an integral and perfect beacon of light, burning with the same source energy that supports the thriving of all life.
  • We know the creative power of our thoughts and direct our focus accordingly.
  • We project a vibration of unconditional love.
  • We let go the of the drive to achieve and surrender to the ability to receive.
  • We choose a gift economy so that everyone can play.
  • The Internet is our church, a single meeting place to uplift, inspire and appreciate each other.
  • Our mission is to raise the vibration of human consciousness to joy, love, and freedom.
  • None of this is serious, it's all just for fun.
  • We say YES!

Do you agree with these principles? If you do, go live them, share them, and celebrate them! Do you have any principles to add, or any changes you would make? Speak loud and proud! Let's make this life design one we all want to live in together.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Mia*

    This is very now and I’ll try to explain why:

    Sun just entered Aquarious,sign of the group->we reunite with the family we choose, and you understan you are not alone in the path you’re seeking. But this time, is not the same as every year when the Sun hits this sign.

    Once the Sun enters a sign he has to answer to the Ruler of THAT sign, in this case: Uranus, planet of R-evolution, that is in Aries Point , place he visits every 84 years. Aries Point is the first degree of any Cardinal sign, that implies the element of action, awakening. There are 4 Aries Points, because there are 4 Cardinal signs: Aries,Cancer,Libra,Capricorn. Each Aries Point in action NOW depending on the energy of each sign.

    Uranus is sitting on Aries-Aries Point, the first degree of the whole zodiac. Aries is the sign of Self “I am”, the most personal zone. This means a revolution of the mind(Since Uranus is Air sign Planet) that starts with the shake-awakening of “I”. Nobody is asleep anymore, we can actually see how we were limiting ourselves. Anything that you have, is because you think you can, anything you think you’re missing you have denied to yourself.

    Now, there is another story happening, but everything is perfectly aligned, like a silver thread that develops a history. Neptune is about to enter Pisces for the first time in almost 165 years. Once it enters will reunite with Quiron, that means awakening of the soul. You will have a preview mid week, if you’re sensitive, that you are, you will feel guided and on wifi online with your higher self.


  • jessica mullen

    I know you already know this, but your words are the most reassuring thing I could ever read. Thank you so much for helping me see things in a different way. Thank you for taking the time to explain what you see. Thank you for making me feel so connected and integral. Thank you for helping me feel excited and fearless! It’s ON.

  • Jenni

    Wow this is awesome! I just wrote about it and the amazing things you are creating at SuperForest: http://superforest.org/2012/02/the-awesome-jessica-mullen-and-her-life-design-manifesto/

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you Jenni! What a delightful post, I’m so flattered <3

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