Tuesday Tips: 15 Ways to Listen to What Life is Telling You

Inside a kaleidoscope

Tuesday Tips: 15 Ways to Listen to What Life…

Inside a kaleidoscope

Tuesday Tips is a weekly roundup of ideas that feel good. Each week, it gets a little easier to work with the flow of life instead of struggling against it. Give yourself a push downstream by realigning your actions, thoughts, feelings and being with the person you know you are.

1. If you don't want to do it right now, don't do it.
Listen to your Self. When you feel a strong aversion to doing things, it's ok to not do them. Take the time to ponder what you would rather be doing instead, and if at all possible, do that!

2. When the option is to pay-what-you-can, genuinely PAY WHAT YOU CAN.
You will only receive the value you invest. If you think something is worth $1, you'll get $1 of quality. If you think it's worth $100, you'll get that much quality. It's whatever you want to perceive. So give big and receive big!

3. If you feel bad, exercise.
If you're bored, exercise. If you want to get high, exercise. If you don't know how to feel good, exercise. Often we simply have stagnant energy trapped in our bodies that a little movement can shake right out. For an easy but intense at-home workout, try jump rope. It's just like a flow toy—you can see it illustrate your thoughts. When you stop thinking, the flow will do the jumping for you and it will seem effortless.

4. Set your universal alarm clock.
Set your alarm for the latest you can wake up, but then ask the universe to wake you early, feeling rested. Then you aren't forcing yourself awake before you're ready with an alarm, and the perfect timing of life gets a chance to wake you when you're ready. Or, you'll get up at the last possible moment, getting plenty of sleep.

5. The flow will lead you to the substance, don’t look to the substance for the flow.
Learn how to feel good without external help. Then when you're feeling really good and you have the opportunity to partake, you'll know it's the right time. You'll be doing it for fun, not to make yourself feel better.

6. When writing for an audience, write as little as possible.
Condense, distill and clarify your ideas. People want to hear what you have to say, but they simply don't have time to read five pages of text in one blog post. Good design is what you take away, not what you add.

7. That being said, rewrite your About page!
Crafting an About page for the person you want to be is one of the best ways to become that person. You don't have to be certain what you want there, you just have to start. Write anything. It will help you know what you want better. Write things the best you can imagine them and then keep going deeper. It can be a total lie in terms of your current reality. Just write it for fun, as if you had what you wanted. "I'm a famous Hollywood actress and I spend my time traveling the world to promote contact juggling" or whatever comes to you. See this article or this one for more details and examples.

8. Say yes.
When you say yes to the things bothering you, you allow them to pass by in the flow. For example: feeling like you ate too much. You can say "No, I ate too much," essentially focusing on the food in you, making a big deal of it, keeping it in one place, holding onto it like a tree branch while you're in a raft on a raging river. When you say "Yes, I love food. Yes, I wanted that. Yes, I'm happy to be fed and nourished," the food can move along in the flow, and say "Well, my job here is done." It doesn't bother you, it doesn't stagnate in your body, it isn't trapped by your resistant "no." Just say yes. To everything. It's all a gift. All of it.

9. Practice the feeling of being recognized.
If you want to be recognized for your work, recognize yourself. Recognize all that you do every day. Recognize the miracle of your life. Recognize the miracle of breath. Recognize all you've done so far, how far you've come. Recognize what you know: that you are already perfect and you don't have to do anything to become more whole.

10. Tell yourself "I love you" in the mirror, over and over until you cry.
It'll feel so good, I promise.

11. Appreciate your job.
If you didn't have someone else telling you what to do and when to do it, you would have no desire to do anything else. The value of someone else giving you a timeline and schedule is that it forces you to experience contrast, which causes you to have new desires. Use the pressure of time to keep your creative focus.

12. Focus on your breathing.
Like Astrojax, your breath is a flow toy. It is an active illustration of your thoughts. When you focus on your breathing, you are stopping thought, and your breath will make you feel good. When you focus on negativity, your breath will illustrate this by becoming short, rapid, or uncomfortable. You can either change your thoughts (difficult to do!) and watch your breath follow, or you can change your breath (easy to do!) and your thoughts will follow.

13. Let go of your expectations.
Your expectations are what you think is going to happen. But when you let go of your expectations and allow the universe to surprise you, much bigger things than you could ever imagine will occur. Give up the need to know the outcome, and enjoy the Now. Danielle Laporte has a useful prayer for expectation addicts, and a later post wherein she confirms the strategy with "This 'giving up expectations' shit really works." She's 100% right. Success will come when you least expect it, because it means you've released the thought pattern of "I am not successful."

14. When you are in pain, or overwhelmed with negative thoughts, ask your Self for guidance.
If you are attempting to make a decision to try to feel better ("Will coffee make me feel better? A drink? A smoke? A nap?"), just ask your Self. If you can actually listen to the answer (you will hear it), just say yes. Do whatever your Self says. Your Self always knows what you should do. Just listen and you'll be on the ride to feeling good again. Whatever your Self tells you to do, your mind will resist. Say yes anyway. Keep saying yes.

15. You can have whatever you want, just listen.
What you project into the world (thoughts, feelings, words and actions) is your vibration, and what you experience as your reality is a physical interpretation of your vibration. When you change the vibration you project, your reality will change to reflect that. Listen to what your reality is telling you. Your reality is reflecting the signal you are projecting, and when you pay attention, you can access the clues life is giving you. Once you learn to read your own vibration by observing your thoughts, emotions and physical world, you can change your vibration, and change your reality. Eventually you'll be able to play your vibration like a musical instrument, creating your reality in flow just like playing a solo on the guitar.

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