Yay we’re all waking up!

Yay we’re all waking up!

Good evening! I slept more this weekend than ever before, and I feel the best I've ever felt! I'm disentangling myself from the clutches of cheap espresso to more fully embrace the now, and I am so relieved to feel like my mind is going at the same pace as the flow. Life has been treating everyone well lately, as everyone I've encountered since December 31 has had nothing but good news to report. The change really is here, and I am so grateful to be sharing this moment with you.

Here is a collection of my favorite ideas of the night. What are yours?

  • Have you ever thought about how smoking cigarettes or herb is just a way to focus on breath? Most people never take any time at all to focus on their breathing, but smokers do. Smoking is a deep meditation, and only limiting beliefs about smoking can ever make it "harmful".
  • I just bought this book, Your Forces and How to Use Them, for my Kindle. The Secret widget always quotes Christian D. Larson so I thought I'd read some of his material for myself. Only $2 for Kindle!
  • More intriguing reading for you: my friend suggested reading The Gospel of Thomas, an apparently repressed book of the Bible. "These are 'secret sayings', and are intended to be esoteric in nature. The Sayings are not intended to be interpreted literally, as their New Testament parallels often are, but to be interpreted symbolically."
  • Watch The Hooping Life trailer! Flow toys are the greatest technology of our time... and of any time.
  • Mr. Vit at UCllc showed Kelly and me this project his friend designed, saying "it's right up your alley!" Instructions for Happiness and Success* is a personal workbook for happiness and success, and I bet it's right up everyone's alley :]
  • Thank you Betty for sharing this fantastic video: You.
  • The Internet = common knowledge. Not one of us has an excuse to be blind. It is so exciting.
  • Everyone has to jump in the rabbit hole sometime, somewhere. We're all making more rabbit holes for them, through our creative work and through sharing our ideas. Our lifestreams are rabbit holes. Our products are rabbit holes. Our knowing smiles are rabbit holes.
  • Tim Tebow is in "it". What is "it"? Source. God. Flow. He's beckoning the rest from a very public place. Just another rabbit hole.
  • And finally, my personal projects that I am obsessed with are:
    • SoLD curriculum 2012
    • Lifestreaming
    • A store for feeling good and raising one's vibration. A place to remember how to be in the Now.
    • Recording TPP episodes that are more narrative.

This week is going to be the best ever, so rest up and tune your vibration! You get to choose how you feel, no matter what is going on in your reality, so feel the way you want to now and your whole week will reflect that. I love you!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Annie

    I think I’m going agree to disagree about the statements on smoking. Don’t me wrong; I respect a person’s individual right to smoke, I share a house with my best friend who smokes and it doesn’t bother me. I don’t seek to persuade anyone to give up. Though I don’t smoke myself.

    Yes meditation is about breathing – I can see the point about the connection between it and smoking. Admittedly I’m thinking about ordinary cigarettes here – with all the crap in it – carbon monoxide, tar, etc. This is stuff that as far as I’m aware, isn’t good for the body. Smoking helped to contribute to bot my parent’s death. I guess I’m trying see how negative beliefs can make it harmful rather than the stuff in cigarettes themselves. At the minute I can’t.

    Jess, I respect your opinion on this, I really do. The universe is big enough for all opinions! And big enough so that we can on occasionally lovingly disagree, I believe. Otherwise, great article as usual. I appreciate everything that you do. It really makes a difference.

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you for sharing your view Annie!

  • Annie

    Y’know I was a little worried that I came over a bit heavy about the above point. Certainly it’s not my intention. I still have to wrap my head around the fact that things are neutral sometimes and it’s our thinking that makes them good or bad. This sounds really – I dunno. Is it just our beliefs that make cigarettes and all the stuff in them unhealthy? Does it depend on an individual’s perspective? We’re conditioned to think that it’s very bad for you. That’s what I was trying to say earlier and ended up sounding like I was on my soapbox…

  • jessica mullen

    I definitely got what you were trying to say. It can get complicated untangling the beliefs our minds hold, but in the end all it comes down to is “does it feel good?” Thanks so much for explaining more.

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