Let Life be Your Caffeine

Let Life be Your Caffeine


Why do we drink so much coffee? Most of us may answer something like, "I drink coffee because I don't have enough time to sleep as much as I should." Life is too exciting, there's too much to see, and way too much to do. How can anyone keep up with the speed of business and technology if they sleep 8 hours a night?!

We are so dependent on caffeine because of the limiting beliefs surrounding it. It's one of those things like deodorant that we just don't question much because it's so ingrained in our daily lives. But as I learn to focus on being the Now, I'm realizing I use caffeine and other stimulants because I'm not fully trusting the flow of life to take care of me.

The limiting beliefs of caffeine

1. Without caffeine, I won't have enough energy to do the things I don't want to do.
2. Without caffeine, I won't have enough energy to do the things I DO want to do.
3. Without caffeine, I can't keep up with everyone else in the business world.
4. Without caffeine, I'll be in a bad mood because I'll be tired.
5. Life just isn't as fun without something outside of me to make me feel good.

Every one of those beliefs is terribly flawed, as I'm sure you can see. I don't need to get into the why's—you know that each one of those thoughts is a trained belief that has been installed and perpetuated by our collective society. But what is behind each one of those beliefs? A lack of trust in the process of life.

Life knows the way

The thing about life is that it's much simpler than we build it up in our minds to be. There is a glue that holds us all together, and that glue communicates with us through our emotions. When we feel good, we're working with the glue. When we feel bad, we're struggling against the glue—a hopeless battle. The glue (or flow, or source, or god, etc) always knows what's up, because the glue IS everything. So when you feel the glue telling you something via your emotions, such as "All I want to do is sleep," then LISTEN. Don't drink coffee to battle the glue. It will always fail, and you will continue to feel worse because you aren't listening to what life is telling you what to do.

Life wants so badly to bring you to the things you want. It doesn't care what you want, it just wants to co-create with you and flow from here to there. When you listen to your emotions, you are letting life guide you towards what you want.

So right now, life is telling me that I don't have to skimp on sleep or be hyper on espresso to get what I want. Life will take me to where I want to go in a way that is easiest and most comfortable for me. On the days when it's important for me to get up early, life will wake me up before my alarm clock. On days when nothing I do could change a thing, life will let me sleep for 12 hours. It's not my job to decide how much sleep I need. It's not even my job to set my alarm. If I fully trust the flow of life, the flow of life will take me exactly where I want to go. And I'll feel so much less cracked-out when I get there.

Note: this article is written to those of us in the throes of caffeine addiction, not casual drinkers. Everything in life is delicious in moderation, it's only when we begin to rely on things outside of ourselves to feel good that we lose connection to our own internal guidance systems.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Annie

    I had a really bad coffee addiction some years back. I’ve never been able to take it with milk and I don’t like sugar. But I was having about 6 cups a day with three and half heaped teaspoons of coffee. It started giving me palpitations really badly. And I went through hell weaning myself off it. Would you believe it made shake like mad and I was constantly grumpy? Wish this article had been about then. It’s about me back then. Not trusting the universe when I really should have done.

  • jessica mullen

    Wow glad you got through that! It’s definitely a hard vice to give up. Even today, the day after I wrote this, I had to break down and get a Red Bull hehehe. But it’s way less than usual… and I know everything is unfolding at the right pace. <3

  • Annie

    That’s the trick, isn’t it? Trusting that it’s all unfolding as it should. Difficult for me, I’m a natural born cynic / sceptic. But like you with coffee, I’m getting there.

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