In this very moment I’m king

In this very moment I’m king

I'm so grateful it's Saturday and I know how to access the feelings I want to feel. I'm so grateful I have good ideas to grow. I'm so grateful we get to go on a bike ride now! I'm so grateful I can choose how I feel. I'm so grateful it only takes a few minutes of focus to remember what I know and think about what I want. I'm so grateful kaleidoscope gazing has been so... transformational ;] And I'm so grateful I had a spinach smoothie today! And that Kelly vacuumed and thawed my spinach and woke me up so sweetly.

I'm so grateful for ideas that make me feel good, such as...

  • "It's PAY DAY!" Excellent meme. Highly recommend saying it to yourself until you see evidence. It always works. And on the same subject, I'm so grateful I can deposit checks with my phone!
  • Affiliate marketing!!!
  • Yesterday I made a note to call my mom before she left on a trip and then she called me as I was putting my pen down. So connected.
  • Whatever you want to quit, it's because you want to learn how to feel good by yourself.
  • Breath. It's all about breath. Saying yes, breathing, being in the Now.
  • Let's go to the library and get yoga dvds!
  • The kaleidoscope tells me, "You can have whatever you want. Just listen." And then it talks to my brain through vision. Rad. Astrojax teaches my body, kaleidoscope teaches my eyes.
  • Go on an adventure in the Now. You don't ever have to leave the room. That's all a trip is. An adventure in the Now.
  • The flow will lead you to the substance, don't look to the substance for the flow.
  • Pay attention. The answers are all right in front of you.
  • Lifestreaming. Stacking paper. I know exactly what I'm doing.
  • 2012 curriculum. Ear candy. Illustrations. Affiliates. It's all coming together.

That concludes my obsessions of the day, which boil down to kaleidoscopes, bike rides, lifestreaming and affiliate marketing. Sounds about right. I love you, let's have the perfect day. Life loves you, and wants all of us to enjoy being alive today. Say yes. Just say yes.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Ariane

    I love ‘The flow will lead you to the substance, don’t look to the substance for the flow.’ It seems a much, much purer way of seeking inspiration than information overload for a few hours and at the end of it try to feel freshened.. Which I, and I’m sure a lot of people, do all the time.

    Allowing it to come from yourself, is so much more intense, so much better..

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Ariane. It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn over and over again, but it’s getting easier. Doing the work yourself is always more rewarding, because it’s a power that comes from within… looking for something outside of yourself will always leave you wanting more.

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