Grateful to let life lead the way

Grateful to let life lead the way

So grateful to be awake and alive! So grateful for incredible shifts in perception occurring every single day. So grateful I am learning how to say yes to life. So grateful I am learning how to say yes to my desires. So grateful for my health, and for my home and my family and my friends. So grateful to work with inspiring people every day. So grateful for the School of Life Design group. So grateful to be polishing up an article on kaleidoscopes! So grateful my vision is coming into focus. So grateful the universe helps me wake up. So grateful to be seeing such incredible advancements in object manipulation. So grateful I can see the interconnectedness of things more and more easily.

Grateful I can breathe. Grateful for a fresh morning, a blank canvas to do with as I please. Grateful my bike is fixed and we're going to start biking to work! Major manifestation! Grateful the major manis are flowing as fast as I can keep up.

Grateful to take it easy on myself. Grateful to love my body more every day. Grateful for twitter and facebook and the Internet. Grateful for organic growth. Grateful for the speed of the flow. Grateful to get to go fast! Grateful to be secure in my vibration. Grateful I get to be around inspiring children every day. Grateful for everything they teach me.

I intend to say yes. Life knows the way.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.