Thank you for everything.

Thank you for everything.

Austin sunset skyline from I-35

I am so grateful for the following blessings, inspirations, ideas and treasures:

  • My health. I can breathe, I can walk, I can speak, I can see, I can hear, I can taste, I can touch, I can smell. I can think, I can love, I can give, I can receive. I am whole, and I am loved, and I am here in the Now.
  • My home. I live in well designed minimalism with my wife and kitties. My home is clean, warm and playful. It is relaxing and well-stocked. It is peaceful and inspiring.
  • My family and friends. I am so blessed to have such brilliant company on this journey.
  • Danielle Laporte's Pay What You Can Day. The SPARK Kit is incredible, and I'm so excited about my first Kindle book purchase (slash pre-order)!
  • Halcyon's morning blessing, which moves me to tears each morning. "We must let go of the drive to achieve, and surrender to the ability to receive."
  • Encouraging comments on my site, Twitter replies and Facebook comments. Thank you for being kind to me. Thank you for seeing me for who I am. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for taking interest in what I create.
  • Crying multiple times a day. I feel such enormous relief, gratitude and compassion for all of life around me.
  • I can turn my awareness away from ANYTHING I don't want, and it will go away or sort itself out. IT REALLY IS TRUE.
  • To receive recognition, I must recognize myself.
  • Every single member of the School of Life Design Facebook group. So much intelligence, so much flow, so many good ideas. Thank you beautiful SoLDiers of light.
  • Holy moly, I upgraded all of my WordPress installations with no fuss! RELIEF!
  • The promise of yoga in the morning. So much helpful advice to comb through.
  • The School of Life Design 2012 Curriculum is coming together! I have an outline, an accompanying Earcandy, and endless inspiration.
  • I am learning more and more every day to always give what I want to receive. The world is but a mirror, life is but a dream, and we're here to enjoy the trip!
  • Ultimately, I am grateful to have learned these truths of my current reality:
    • My thoughts create.
    • My mood attracts my thoughts.
    • Feel good no matter what.

Surrender to your ability to receive.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.