Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to Say Yes to Life

LED Hooping

Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to Say Yes to Life

LED Hooping

Tuesday Tips is an assortment of ideas to help us all embrace life a little more each week. Create new habits with the "Doing" section, align your thoughts with love in the "Thinking" portion, explore and control your emotions through "Feeling" and allow yourself to go deeper into "Being".

1. Spend cash, not credit!
If you rely on credit, you'll never have to focus enough to pull the cash money through you! Make the jump, cut up your cards and let the universe provide! (GULP!)

2. Share your life.
Online and off, show other people that it's ok to live like this! It's ok to be you! It's ok to be free! It's ok to feel good! TELL THE WORLD ABOUT HOW AMAZING YOU ARE! The more you do it, the more we all are inspired to do it! Help people see "no one tells her what to do!" The constant positivity accumulates, even if no one ever tells you it does! (Thanks for this one Todd!)

3. Let go of the past.
The School of Life Design group has lots of ideas about how to do it. One of my favorites is Katja's suggestion:

I tried hypnotherapy a few years ago, and one of the exercises was one where I met all of my past selves, from age 0 to my age then (23?). Each year was a different me, and I went around to each and every one and looked them in the eye and told them I loved them. Some years didn't listen, some of them spewed hate at me. But i kept going until all years accepted what I was telling them. It was a really powerful exercise, and I think it could be used to let go of the past in other ways as well...there was another one where I picked a moment when i was little and afraid, and as my present self took myself into my arms and held myself, told her/me it was okay. Sounds weird, maybe, but it was wonderful, too.

4. Picture yourself as the person you will be 50 years from now.
What advice would that person give you?

5. Listen.
Everything in your reality is trying to help you. When people suggest things, or give you feedback, don't immediately start to poke holes in what they're saying. Listen, acknowledge their input, and let the idea grow. Don't kill the idea before it has a chance to see the light of day. Just because you listen, doesn't mean you're agreeing! When someone tells you an idea of hers, encourage her in any way you can instead of poking holes. Ideas are like babies, they need love to grow!

6. Practice loving yourself. Never stop.
There are a bunch of ideas in the group, but my favorite is Matthew's: "Go to a mirror and say, 'I'm awesome.' 1000 times straight. After 100, it becomes a trance of its own. The association of the word awesome creates [connection]. Add in any word you like."

7. Feel good no matter what!
Practice "feeling" yourself into alignment instead of thinking. Thinking about what you want or what you're grateful for helps you get started, but begin to imagine how you would elevate your mood without thinking about it. At first, it may feel like pushing a boulder uphill with the top of your head. But it works, and I'm looking for ways to make it easier!

8. Visualize yourself allowing.
Whenever I say "I'm allowing," I picture being in the center of a torus-shaped field of energy entering through the crown of my head and passing out through the bottom of my spine, flowing endlessly. Every time I take the time to visualize this, I instantly feel myself loosen up and the flow of life takes over again. Whatever energy I was blocking with thought begins to move easily. I see that things really are good. Life really is taking care of me.

9. Be in the Now.
As consciousness expands further and further, it's getting easier to be in the Now. Entheogens and hallucinogens are access points to the Now. Meditation is an access point. Play is an access point. Love is an access point. The most in demand skill of 2012 is the ability to be in the Now. Allow yourself to experience the joy of connection. It's crazy and weird and deep but most of all it's just fun. And it feels so good. It's like becoming lucid in a dream, except it's real life. We really are this lucky, and life really is this deep.

10. Release your fear of power.
You aren't alone. We're all powerful, and we all get to do this together. Hop on over to that (free!) School of Life Design group right now and see how others are releasing their fear and embracing their own power. There is nothing to be afraid of. We all love you.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Sarah Perry

    I say yes! to this! :)

    Sort of related, I was looking through old journals (an exercise in making peace with the past and moving on) and came across this entry. It was written way before I knew anything about LOA and such, and I found myself surprised at my insight back then..this is from 2002:

    “Someone told me once that if you visualize the thing you most desire, it will become yours. I definitely believe that there is validity to that theory. Have you ever just sat there thinking about someone you really want to talk to, and you picture the phone ringing and then soon after that person calls? If not, then you really need to experement with the, I hesitate to say ‘psychic’ being the skeptic I usually am, but, psychic power that every person has within themselves.”

    It’s so interesting that, without consciously doing so, I’ve held on to the same practices for 9 years. Love living in the vortex, even when I’m a bit out of it. :)

  • jessica mullen

    Isn’t that amazing?! I feel like everyone “knows” in the back of their minds, it just takes a while (like a spirograph cycle…) for the information to cycle to the front of consciousness.

    I love you! Thanks for sharing!

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