How to Shine Like the Star You Are

How to Shine Like the Star You Are

You are a star

Every single one of us has the power to be the best at whatever we want to do. We all have access to the infinite creative power of the universe, and we all know that deep down, we deserve to shine. But sometimes we doubt our brightness, because we don't know how to let it out, or we're afraid of what other people think, or we think no one would want to look anyway.

What is a star?

On one hand, being a star can feel a little too ambitious. The word implies fame, fortune and paparazzi. But wealth and popularity are just side effects of stardom. What being a star actually means is a lot closer to the astronomical, outer space kind of star. It burns brightly. It is immense and radiant. It is a being of light.

You are a being of light. You are made of pure positive energy, of love and joy. It is natural to let that energy flow through you into the world. That's why you came to this life, to experience the joy of transforming that burning energy into whatever creations you desire.

How do I let myself shine?

You know your inherent value. You know what beauty lies within you. You know that you have something to give to the world. You are unique, and the only one who can see your vision from concept to completion. You no longer have to doubt if you really are special and creative or not—it's just a fact of life that you are. Here are a few ways to start tapping that infinite reservoir of creative power, so you can begin thinking and feeling like the star you already are.

1. If you don't know where to start, just ask.

Often we know we have something to offer, but have no idea what that even is. There are a million things to be interested in, how do we choose the right path? If you have no idea what to create or what to do with your life, ask the source of life to show you. There is a glue that holds everything together, and you can call it god, or the flow, or source energy. Whatever you label that force, you can start asking it to help you right now. Just think about exactly what you want, and ask out loud or in your head or in a blog post. Try something like "Life, where should I begin?" Then let the thought go and trust the answer will come. It will.

2. Obsess over your positive qualities.

You can't feel like a star if you dwell on what you deem to be negative aspects of yourself. You will only find the brightness within you if you give yourself love and make your mind feel safe enough to let the light peek through. When you focus on what you love about yourself, you will attract more things to love. Try making a list of 99 things you love about yourself, or filling out a Daily Self Love worksheet.

3. Focus.

Without focus, your light is diffused. The way to direct your light is by directing your thoughts. The most important thing you can do to focus is think about what you want, all day, every day. Think about what you want for your overall life direction, but also think about what you want in each little segment of your day. How do you want your drive to work to go? What do you want to feel when you wake up? How do you want your trip to the store to turn out? Focusing on what you want is the only way to get what you want.

When you don't know what you want, or you find it hard to focus on anything but what you don't want, the solution is simple: stop thinking. Any thoughts contrary to what you want will only negate the desire you've been focusing on. The easiest way I've found to stop thinking is silent counting, but you can also use exercise, meditation, or playing with flow toys to name a few.

4. Let go.

Feeling like the star you are will only come with practice, but don't take it too seriously. Be easy on yourself. If you want to shine, you will. Trust that the universe will help you. Trust that the solution will come. Love yourself and think about what you want, but remember that this is supposed to be fun. Letting your natural light shine should feel easy. When you are in the flow, co-creating with god, you'll know because it will feel effortless. That is what being a star is all about—life provides the energy, and you get to direct where it goes.

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