Tuesday Tips: 13 Ways to Stay Caught Up in the Flow of 2012


Tuesday Tips: 13 Ways to Stay Caught Up in…


Tuesday Tips is a weekly collection of shortcuts to feeling good. Explore ways to harness your creative power by taking action, directing your thoughts, practicing feeling the way you want to feel, and stopping thought altogether to let your natural state of well being shine.

1. Rearrange the energy in your home for major manifestations.
Bring about big change by optimizing your living area. Donate or sell as many possessions as you can, clean up all the dust bunnies, and clear out big spaces to move in. Kelly and I finally cleared out our living room to be a gallery space and play room, which at long last gave us an excuse to record another Astrojax video.

2. Take as many photos as possible to find the gems.
Great photographers aren't great because they take the perfect shot every time; they succeed because they take so many photos. Next time you take your digital camera out for a stroll, resolve to fill your memory card. The more photos you take, the more diamonds you find. On Christmas Kelly and I took 378 photos but only 16 made the cut.

3. Just start saying things are how you want them to be.
Eventually, I promise you, they will be. But you have to start telling the story now. If you want something, just say you have it already. Your mind is easily fooled.

4. Does anything else in your life feel like...?
I've mentioned this before, and it's worth discussing again. Whenever you hear someone complaining of a malady or circumstance, ask her if anything else in her life feels the same way. She may be surprised at your question, but it will definitely get her thinking. Whatever emotion we feel is reflected back to us in every area of our lives, so when you feel irritation, you are likely thinking irritating thoughts about other things.

5. Don't second guess your decisions.
After you make a decision (for example, a Facebook status update), don't overthink it. Instead of thinking "should I have posted that?" think "I am so happy I did that." Put your mind at ease!

6. Write a bucket list.
I made a list of things I want to do before I die. It really helped me figure out exactly what I want. You can only get what you want if you know what you want!

7. Create your Master Mind Group.
In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill suggests creating a Master Mind Group, a committee of advisors to consult on business and life decisions. The group can be people you already know, celebrities, or dead people. Whenever you make a business decision, picture asking your committee their opinion. What would your mentors, muses and inspirations tell you to do? It can often help you gain confidence in decision-making. My committee? Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake!

8. Practice the feeling of strength.
We have one of those pull up bars that goes over a door frame, and Kelly started adding one pull up each day to her routine. She must be on 10 or so right now, and it inspired me to try pull ups myself. I'm still working on managing one, but I try to do one more "attempt" every day. The feeling of aching muscles reminds your mind of your strength, which carries over into other areas of your life.

9. Be your own #1 fan.
When I was feeling rather critical of myself, I asked Kelly what I should do. She suggested "being my own #1 fan." She said to picture all the people who love and admire me, and imagine what they would say. No one else would ever be so harsh on me! Keep your perspective of the bigger picture by remembering that you truly are perfect the way you are. You can't scrutinize every brush stroke in a painting as it's being painted; often the strokes that look the most awkward turn out to be the happiest accidents. Try not to criticize tiny details, because the bigger picture of you is already perfect. You're doing the best you can, and that's all you can do.

10. Send your thank you cards!
Feel the feeling of getting the gift again, practice the feeling of gratitude, ensure future gifts!

11. Pretend you're in Vegas.
When Kelly and I visited Vegas, we allowed ourselves to completely follow our intuition. We abandoned all plans and notions of what we should do, and let our feelings guide us. Every decision had to be a "fuck yeah!!" or it was a "hell no!" I want to live my whole life that way!

12. Meditate, don't medicate.
The other day, I had a freaky asthma flare up that had me in a bit of a panic. I had no inhaler or other medication, and it was the middle of the night. Kelly had us meditate and after a few minutes of focused breathing, my symptoms began to subside. I know in my heart the breathing difficulties are just me feeling like I can't catch my breath in general—2012 is moving so fast! The more I let my mind rest, the easier it is to stay in the flow.

13. Allow.
Stop resisting and begin allowing. At any point say "I'm allowing this," or "I allow myself to feel good." Anything you want, just say you allow it. I allow well being. I allow myself to feel the way I want to feel. I allow myself to nap. I allow myself to rest. I allow myself to feel good anyway. I allow that person to live their life the way they want. I allow myself to relax. I allow this moment to feel good. I allow myself to receive the gifts the universe is trying to give me. I allow myself to have what I want. It feels so much better to allow than resist, and when you say yes to the life around you, the life around you says yes to you.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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