The Now

The Now

Grateful for weird naps, clean dishes and fleece blankets. Grateful for time alone, the ebb and flow, and the knowing I'll be back on top whenever I allow myself. Grateful to trust the flow of life. Grateful to allow myself to rest. Grateful to direct my thoughts. Grateful for Kelly, for external hard drives, and inspiring people. Grateful we can only go up. Grateful we never have to go back. Grateful to be moving on to bigger and better. Grateful for abundance everywhere. Grateful for gift cards and the knowing that everything will be ok. Grateful to know I can't know what I want without contrast. Grateful life is supposed to be fun. Grateful writing always works. Grateful I can still create even when I don't have brilliant ideas to execute. Grateful I know I have to experience both sides of the wave to ever know the opposite. Grateful to be feeling better every word I type. Grateful writing is such a simple way to get in a good mood. Grateful it always works. Grateful to rest when the flow says rest. Grateful to know how to allow the gifts of the universe. Grateful I know everything already worked out for me. Grateful I can create no matter what. Grateful for the contrast. Grateful to be remembering to love contrast.

Grateful for the relief I feel when I remember "contrast is my new thing." grateful it's getting easier to love contrast. Grateful I can feel inspiration bubbling below the surface, waiting for me to feel good enough to draw it closer. Grateful for the major manifestations of the day. Grateful it keeps getting better. Grateful for the power of thought and focus. Grateful for my site. Grateful I always have something to work on.

Grateful for magick tricks. Grateful to be pondering new ones. Grateful I know they're coming. Grateful to be releasing resistance. Grateful to be feeling better by the sentence.

I'm allowing myself to feel good. I'm allowing myself to feel like a star. I'm allowing inspiration to come at its own pace. I'm allowing myself to trust the unfolding of life. I'm allowing myself to remember the miracle of individual perspective. I'm allowing it to be easy to be alive. I'm allowing myself to be easy about it. I'm allowing myself to release awareness of time and productivity.

I want: the creative flow machine, that excitement of allowing source do the work. I want: the giddiness of feeling an article being pulled through my fingertips. I want that eureka feeling of "yES! I get to be the one to say this! I get to channel this information through ME!" I want the exquisite pleasure of knowing my next creative step. I want to be recharged. I want to feel the universe talking through me. I want to co-create with god.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.