Month: January 2012

What Do You Want? Gathering Momentum

All it takes to get what you want is…

What Do You Want?

Refine your desires. Ask yourself "what do I want?" at all hours (nay, minutes!) of the day. When you don't know what you want, stop thinking. When you know, acknowledge your desire as created and on the way, then stop thinking.

It can be a vague desire, or it can be very specific. It doesn't matter if you only have a simple request, like "I want to be warm." Just think about what you want then stop thinking. Think about what you want then stop thinking. Focus on your breathing or count, however you have to do it.

Stop thinking until you feel so good that a really good ideas grabs you. And then you'll get to think in flow with the universe to execute the idea. That exhilaration of co-creation is what makes us love thinking so much. We're willing to put up with the bad to get to that delicious stream of inspiration. But when you stop thinking about what you don't want, the bad disappears.

Gathering Momentum


I'm home. I'm so grateful to be home. I'm so grateful for apples for dinner. I'm so grateful to remember shit I already knew but forgot. I'm so grateful for my job. I'm so grateful for Tumblr. I'm so grateful for Scoble. I'm so grateful for technology. I'm so grateful it's all coming. I'm so grateful I know it's already here.

Grateful for my list of ideas I love thinking about because they're useful. Grateful to remember to breathe. Grateful for Kelly. Grateful for change. Grateful things feel fresh again. Grateful tomorrow will be better. Grateful my wife is so inspiring.

Grateful to be remembering what I know. Grateful to be getting better at feeling good. Grateful for positive reflections of my mood all around me. Grateful to know it's just an average. Grateful to be getting better at disentangling from negative thought patterns. Grateful I have tools that work realtime.