Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Love Where You Are Right Now

Balena Print

Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Love Where You Are…

Balena Print
Tuesday Tips is a weekly compilation of new perspectives in conscious living. The "Thinking" section explores methods for thinking about what you want, the "Feeling" section provides suggestions for practicing the feeling of having what you want, and the "Being" section is about stopping thought altogether and allowing yourself to embrace the Now.

1. Define your morning ritual.
Flow through your day by deciding what you want first thing in the morning. Check out this thread in the School of Life Design Facebook group for ideas.

2. Tell a silly story
Life Story is a one page PDF that helps you write the story of your life. Figure out what you want, then create new thought patterns that affirm your desire. First you write what you want in past tense, so you can start talking as if you already have it. Then you write three milestones that occur on the way to your manifestation, to help make it believable that you'll reach your goal. The sillier, more surreal or absurd the milestones are, the less resistance you may have to reaching them. Try writing a story about how you manifested a bunch of money, and use milestones like "the first sign the trick was working was when I saw a money tree." You may have less resistance to such a whimsical indicator.

3. Set intentions as often as you can
Often I'll consume something and wonder how it will affect me. My new method is to decide how I want it to affect me first. For example, I used to make coffee and think "I wonder if this will feel good." Now as I make coffee I set an intention: "I want this to give me a smooth burst of energy." Think about what you want before doing anything and you'll be much more likely to get it.

4. Practice the feeling of abundance by supporting local artists
If you're an artist or designer of any kind, you probably have things you want to sell. Give what you want to receive by patronizing artists you love, and the universe will return the favor down the road. Looking for work to support? My brother and his girlfriend just launched the greeting card company Balena Prints, which makes exquisite linoleum-stamped art. They gave us two gorgeous sets of cards for Christmas, pictured at the top.

5. Practice feeling good about your body
If the holidays have you feeling a little critical of your body, check out this thread in the School of Life Design Facebook group. Practice loving your body and it will show you more things to love.

6. Practice being transparent to irritations
When something annoying is occurring, like a dog barking, imagine that you are transparent and the sound passes right through you. Use this visualization with minor annoyances and when bigger things happen you'll be much better at rolling with the punches.

7. Be kind no matter what
Your kindness will always be reflected back to you, even if it seems like people aren't being receptive. Be kind to the driver who cuts you off. Be kind to your partner who is being mean. Be kind to the impatient person in line at the store. All of these people want the same thing you do—to be loved. Even though it may drive you crazy to be kind to someone who isn't, that kindness will make the recipient want to be kind. Be the leader and the one to show kindness first.

8. Pretend you're at a lock-in
If you have trouble staying put in the Now, pretend that you're stuck wherever you are for the night, like at a lock-in. It's like being trapped in a snow storm or tornado warning—there isn't much you can do other than make the best of it. Make believe you're trapped wherever you are and then look for ways to enjoy it.

9. Play Sorry!
I've been practicing my silent counting, which is pretty much the most effective method for pivoting away from negative thoughts I've found. The other day Kelly and I played the board game Sorry! with my sister and her boyfriend, which involves a lot of counting and little else. It was super relaxing and a way to enjoy counting with other people.

10. Get in a board game flow
That game of Sorry! was the first board game I've played since discovering the concept of flow. I realized that board games are an easy, low-pressure way to get in the flow with other people. Board games are actually fun when you decide to be in the moment and feel the rhythm of life behind the play.

11. Make peace with what is
If you find yourself impatient to leave where you are, try to stop resisting and enjoy it. Smokers often joke that the only way to get a bus to come is to light a cigarette, because when you light that cigarette you're deciding to enjoy where you are instead of anxiously looking for ways to escape. Wherever you are, look for things to enjoy about it, and then what you really want can come.

12. Realize everything in your reality is there just for you
Everything around you is a gift. Every status update your crush makes, every song you hear on the radio, every word in a conversation that you hear is crafted specifically for you. When you see a performance, that moment was created for you. When you watch a tv show, know that it was made just for you. You won the lottery when you born, and every minute detail in your experience is part of your prize. Say thank you and accept what the universe is trying to give you. Enjoy the show!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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