Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Love Being Alive

Isn't this fun?!

Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Love Being Alive

Isn't this fun?!
Life design is the practice of conscious thinking, feeling and being. Tuesday Tips is a weekly collection of ideas to help you direct your thoughts, project the vibration you want to receive and ultimately be present in the Now.

1. Remind yourself, "isn't this fun?!"
Our stickers from zazzle.com arrived! They are a delicious reminder to stay focused in the present moment, where there are no problems or pain. Life is supposed to be an exciting adventure—let's do it up right!

2. Get cute, free favicons for your site
Favicon.cc is an amazing resource for creating a favicon (that little icon next to the title of a website in your browser address bar or tab), and they also have a huge wealth of stock icons that anyone can use. Browse their top rated favicons to add a professional touch to your site. If you don't know how to install your favicon, read this.

3. Make your requests in your head
How often do you ask someone to do something, only to be met with resistance? Asking someone to do a chore almost always introduces resistant thoughts, because by using verbal language, the mind has to get involved. And all the mind does is resist. So instead of asking someone to do something with your voice, try asking them "in the air", or in your mind. Think of it as practicing telepathy. Thoughts are vibrations that can be perceived just like sound or light, and I guarantee the person can hear what you're thinking, though maybe not consciously. Communicate your request and let it go, and watch as the chores get done without you ever asking aloud.

4. Share your synchronicities on Twitter!
My friend and fellow life designer Betty had the great idea of using the hashtag #synchronicities on Twitter to mark manifestations and moments in flow. It's always awesome to see things working out for other people, because it makes the idea that "life really is good!" all that much more believable.

5. Make a banner for your website
On my site I usually only advertise for my own products, so I get to make a lot of banner ads. A couple years ago, Kelly did professional banner ad design for a company called Spiceworks, where she learned exactly how to get people to click! Here are the top two things to keep in mind when designing a banner ad:

  • Begin designing the banner as if you were a first time visitor to the site and you have no idea what the banner advertisement is for. Make sure it's extremely clear what you are advertising.
  • Have a "call to action" be the last thing on the banner. The "call to action" is the thing the user is supposed to do–click the ad, call a phone number, etc. Basically, make an actual button for people to click on that says "BUY NOW" or another specific command. People don't always know what to do, so you have to tell them!

6. Get a free Square credit card reader
If you sell physical objects in person (for example, crafts at a fair), the Square is the most amazing way to take credit cards and get the money in your bank account quickly. Square will send you the card reader for free, which plugs into your iPhone or iPad. Swipe a credit card or manually input the numbers, have the customer sign the screen (they can even tip!), and then you can email or text a receipt. It's amazing, try it!

7. Do a "99 Things to Love" worksheet about yourself
All of your reality is a reflection of you. When you notice displeasing aspects of life, know that those are actually parts of yourself that you don't like. When you focus on the parts of yourself you love, you will begin to find those qualities reflected in your daily experiences, because whatever you focus on expands.

8. Get high on running!
On Sunday Kelly and I did the first 5 mile run of our half marathon training season. I had almost forgotten how good it feels to run longer distances! I can't even begin to explain the feeling of well being that comes with long distance running, you're just going to have to try it out for yourself! Running is an incredible tool for projecting the vibration you want to receive, because all that time spent feeling good while in the flow running or basking in your power afterwards is time spent projecting a vibration of ease and power. You will see those feelings reflected back to you in every other area of your life.

9. Practice the feeling of abundance by arranging your favorite objects
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with piling my favorite belongings in my bed (which was covered in a Sesame Street tent btw) and then arranging them and looking at them. I had some jewelry boxes, a piggy bank, some stationery and various toys and dolls. Of course I didn't realize it at the time, but collecting all my favorite things was a way to practice the feeling of abundance. Kelly and I totally did this a couple weeks ago after an amazing week—we put all our newly completed projects, paychecks, favorite toys and a freshly delivered pizza in one place and just straight basked in that shit. It gave me an exquisite feeling of relief, like "see?! My life really is abundant in every way!"

10. Remember that there is no pain in the Now
If you are experiencing physical pain, try to focus your entire attention on the sensation. As you bring your attention fully to the Now, you will find that your pain subsides. No pain can survive the light of your consciousness, and the light of your consciousness is just your focused attention. Finally, all those angsty teenage years of razor blades and safety pin piercings are explained! Pain is actually just a tool to bring you to the Now. I always knew I was onto something ;]

11. Look for visions in meditation
One way to quiet your mind is to unfocus your eyes and look for visions in the patterns of light. It's a way to begin seeing without your eyes. Once you enter a comfortable meditative state of blissful staring, try asking for a solution to a creative problem. Then look for a vision to answer the question. Keep an open mind—the vision may be wildly different from what you expect.

12. Try silent counting
Kelly started a new practice that has completely blown me away. Instead of finding mantras to counter negative thoughts, she started silently counting. Within two days, her entire demeanor changed. She's much more relaxed, present, and easy going. With such incredible results, I had to try it myself. I've started counting pretty much any time I'm not actively using my brain in writing, speaking, or navigating physical reality. Sometimes I count from 1-8 over and over, sometimes I count to 100. All that matters is that when I'm counting, I'm not thinking resistant thoughts. It is THE most effective method for dropping negative thoughts I've ever tried!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Sara

    I think after reading the power of now a few years ago, the most important lesson I think I got from it was how to focus on pain. If you just breathe into it and just be w it, it vanishes. I explain it like if you focus on the word fork over and over you’re like, wtf does fork mean? Or any other word, when you focus on pain it starts to disintegrate as if it was never there in the first place (!!!!!).
    I try to practice this every time I feel pain & the more I practice on small pains the easier it gets w All pain including emotional too.

  • jessica mullen

    Sara, thank you SO MUCH for explaining that more thoroughly. The comparison to “fork” is spot on – when you focus on pain, what are you focusing on anyway? It’s just a thought, and as you focus on it, it disintegrates away like the meaning of fork… awesome contribution, thank you!

  • emma

    Jessica, I am loving these Tuesday Tips! Your ideas have been insanely helpful! Keep it up lovah :D

  • Katja

    love these tuesday tips! #3 & #12 are amazing, must try those.

    and! i am so glad you wrote about #10!! i attended a two hour class by an American philosopher (have forgotten his name!) two summers ago, and he made that point about focusing on pain to make it go away. i was really intrigued by the idea, but then i started doubting it, because usually you’re told to focus on something else! even Abraham usually says to direct your thoughts to something else. but now i’m sort of beginning to think that he was right after all.

    i read the Power of Now back then as well, but somehow the message i remember from there was that, while you might not be able to stop physical pain, you can stop (emotional) suffering by staying in the present and not giving the pain any stories, whether past or future.

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