Tuesday Tips: 11 Advancements in Feeling-Good Technology

Tuesday Tips: 11 Advancements in Feeling-Good Technology

Life design is the practice of manipulating thought to create a better reality. Tuesday Tips is a selection of ideas and perspectives to play with and explore as you unfold your own life's design. Have a tip for next week? Send me an email or leave a comment below.


1. When writing or designing something, always ask yourself "can I make this funny?" Even if you can't, remember to be light. Nothing is serious! Also, try smiling while you write. You know how you can hear someone smiling over the phone? It shows in your work too.

2. In blog posts or form emails, write as if writing a personal note to a close friend. This helps you avoid sounding like a boring robot! Find a muse and write to her to make your writing more relatable to everyone. As for what you write about, imagine standing in front of an audience of 1 million. What ideas do you have that you could tell 1 million people?

3. Make animated gifs with the photos on your phone. Gifboom is a sweet iPhone app for this very purpose! Guaranteed to enliven anyone's lifestream.

4. Promote yourself with snail mail. If you have a product or service you offer, start sending free copies out to all your favorite bloggers. Do a little digging for physical addresses and delight someone who inspires you. They may become your biggest fan!


5. See reality as the mirror it is. Every single thing you experience every single day is a reflection of what you send out. Every possible object, situation or experience you observe is an exact match to the vibration you are projecting. When something happens that you dislike, ask yourself if anything else in your life feels the same way. For example, if your computer crashes, ask yourself "does anything else in my life feel like it's crashing?" This question will really show you what your true vibration at the moment is.

6. Learn to read tarot. For a slightly more abstract glimpse in the mirror, give yourself tarot readings. The cards will always reflect exactly what you are projecting. If you do a reading for someone else, the cards will reflect your thoughts on that person. To start reading tarot, find a deck with pretty art and make up your own meanings for the cards. You can learn traditional meanings from a book, but most tarot readers eventually develop their own interpretations of the cards.

7. Have so much fun you don't notice if you're winning. It's the only way!

8. Don't be stingy. If you have the money to give, give it. If you have the resources to share, share them. If you're ever asked to give but you resist, you are sending a vibration of lack—that you don't have enough. That is what you will continue to attract until you can give freely of whatever you have.

Stopping Thought

9. Make meditation more interesting by staring at something pretty. This is my top tip of the week! Kelly and I have been using a single candle to stare at during meditation for years now, and I just bought us the beautiful candle holder pictured above. Now I have so many light patterns and reflections to gaze at that I often stop thinking accidentally! I want to try a lava lamp next.

10. Let the universe take you shopping. Finding the perfect outfit is challenging, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. I've developed a shopping methodology that always results in the perfect find without thinking about it. If I don't know what I'm looking for, I set aside one shopping trip to discern preferences. I often find things that look perfect but don't fit, or that fit perfect but aren't made that well. After the first trip, I know exactly what I want. I don't buy anything, then stop thinking about buying clothes altogether. Within a couple weeks, the universe always brings me the specific item I've decided on, and often I don't even have to pay for it!

11. Wake up in the dream. Take time throughout your day to stop thinking and be in the Now. To me, it feels like becoming lucid in a dream. And life is but a dream, right? The more I feel like I'm dreaming while awake, the more malleable my beliefs become and the easier it is to see the magick of life. Remember that life is a trip, a vacation—we're just here for fun. Are we dreaming right now?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.