How to be funny [gathering momentum]

How to be funny [gathering momentum]

Hi smooshybees! Let's play a game! It's called, let's get in the best mood possible ever, and it's easy to do! Here we goooo...

I am so grateful for google, so I can google "how to be funny". Ok here are a few tips... talk about pain, the unexpected, or tell lies. Here's another one: "Timing is the essence of comedy, so you should always be ready to capitalize on the current situation." So good, being in the now should help my efforts. What's funny about my now? My messy desk? The four sets of tangled Astrojax? The fact that I'm listening to a pineal gland activator on repeat? Filling out all my little lists? The funny must be somewhere in this moment.

I am so grateful for you. I am so grateful for other people. I am so grateful to be living this trip. I am so grateful to focus on what I want.

My vision
I see surprise around every corner. I see the unexpected happening more and more. I see the flow overcoming us and guiding us. I see fun and games and toys and play. I see people loving each other. I see the upswing. I see the flow. I see the love that everything is made out of.

Wouldn't it be nice to feel inspired? Wouldn't it be nice to feel for the flow? Wouldn't it be nice to feel the flow stronger than ever before? Wouldn't it be nice to be easy about it? Wouldn't it be nice to relax and bask? Wouldn't it be nice to have fun and laugh? Wouldn't it be nice to be the least serious I could possibly be? Wouldn't it be nice to remember my favorite thoughts and put them on a ring every day? Wouldn't it be nice to feel INSPIRED?!?!?!?!?!

How are we expanding?
We are inspired, yay! We all know our next logical step! Everything is adding up! Of course, it all makes perfect sense.

What I want to feel today

  • INSPIRATION. Please.

Today I intend to be at the top of my game. Today I intend to let the flow do it. Today I intend to focus on what I want!

I love playing tricks on my mind. I love having fun. I love laughing. I love that I want to be funnier. I love learning how to be funny. I love Tuesday Tips. I love collecting them. I love seahorses, seahorses FOREVA. I love activating my pineal gland. I love collecting my favorite thoughts. I love smiling. I love feeling pretty. I love losing weight, oh how I love losing weight. I love feeling universal speed from listening to this pineal gland activator. I love having pretty hair. I love diy. I love pinterest! I love the power of focus.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • How much is my mood worth right now?
  • Isn't this fun?!
  • I let life live me.
  • What patterns does the flow want to make?

Links I love

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Jessica Mullen
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  • Todd

    Everyone can share teh lolz and be funny in a playful way. It’s not hard, just never take oneself too seriously.

    Satire, on the other hand, is a genuine Art, which we must all practice. Look to Voltaire for inspiration ( ).


    Mark’s post about Prof Gelernter’s iPad app is not without a healthy dose of irony – which we’ve been discussing over on G+

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Todd :] And thanks for the G+ link!

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